Aguamadera Eau de Parfum by Xinu (1.69oz Fragrance)

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Origin : Mexico

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Transluscent | Fresh | Refined

Aguamadera is an amalgamation of two words: agua for water, and madera for wood. Augamadera is based around the scent of agave, a tough succulent native to Mexico whose hard, spiky leaves give us both agave syrup and mezcal.

The mezcal theme is fully explored in Aguamadera, with a lime note up top that’s so tart it almost draws saliva from the mouth. There’s a hit of salt with an outdoorsy freshness that recalls a gust of sea air. Guaiac wood gives the scent the smoky agave spirit of mezcal, and cedarwood a nuance of sweat-lodge coziness.

Notes: Agave, Green Lime, Guaiac Wood, Cedarwood
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