Holiday Gifts Under $25

Under $25 Holiday Guide: 14 Budget-Friendly Gifts Everyone Will Love

November 04, 2020

Finding gifts that fit your budget can feel like a losing battle, but this year, you don’t have to settle for a gift card. Our assortment of affordable luxuries will spark joy for anyone on your list. You’ll find gifts for the outdoorsman, beauty lover, party host and more. Shop with ease this holiday season and know that you can take some pressure off yourself while you explore these budget-friendly finds. They’re sure to delight whoever is lucky enough to receive them. Explore our curated collection of holiday gifts under $25! 

Venture Aftershave

Captain's Choice Venture Aftershave

This complex masculine scent is an affordable interpretation of the luxurious Creed Aventus scent. Made for the active spirit, the scent opens with a burst of citrus, but transforms into something more mysterious. Pick this up as a gift for the guy in your life that’s always ready for adventure. 

Captain's Choice | $18.95 | Shop Now →

Nourish PreShave Cream 

Proraso Nourish Pre-Shave Cream

This Italian grooming essential is a great gift for the guy that needs a little help refining his self-care routine. Enriched with sandalwood oil and shea butter, this deeply moisturizing cream will add a boost of hydration to coarse beard hair. It softens hair to create an easier shave. 

Proraso | $13 | Shop Now →

Papiers Fantaisie Grapefruit Roll On Eau De Parfum 

Mistral Papiers Fantaisie Grapefruit Roll-On Eau De Parfum

Give the frequent traveler in your life a convenient gift that will remind them of you while they're away. This natural oil based fragrance is TSA-friendly and long-lasting. Vanilla, musk and lemon notes combine for an uplifting, bright scent that they’re sure to love. 

Mistral | $20 | Shop Now →

Holiday Liquid Soap 

Nest Fragrances Holiday Liquid Soap

The host in your life will appreciate the dose of holiday cheer this liquid hand soap brings to their bathroom or kitchen. Nest’s iconic Holiday scent has been repackaged in a new bottle, but remains the same beloved sparkling fragrance. Pomegranate, clove, mandarin, pine and vanilla mix beautifully to create a warm and inviting atmosphere. 

Nest Fragrances | $22 | Shop Now →

NYBG Trio of Florals 3 Bar Soap Set 
Caswell-Massey NYBG Trio of Florals Three Soap Set

Inspired by the New York Botanical Garden, this lush trio of triple-milled soaps is beautifully fragranced with scents of lilac, gardenia and honeysuckle. This ready-to-gift set comes in a beautifully printed box, so you can bring a little of this iconic garden into the home of your loved one. 

Caswell-Massey | $24 | Shop Now →

Curl 38° Eyelash Curler
Tweezerman Curl 38 Eyelash Curler

The beauty lover in your life will appreciate this expertly crafted eyelash curler. It was designed to fit a diverse range of eye shapes so every lash gets a little lift. Their lashes will love the way this curler adds dimension to their eye looks. 

TweezerMan | $18 | Shop Now →

Chypre Cedar Poinsettia Bar Soap

Claus Porto Chypre Cedar Poinsettia Bar Soap

Claus Porto is known for creating exquisitely fragranced soaps that are wrapped in stunning, art-inspired papers. This gift will be loved by any creative types in your life who appreciate the fine details. The woodsy notes found in this soap will make it a great addition to their winter self care routine. 

Claus Porto | $20 | Shop Now →

Facial Tonic 

Frei Oel Facial Tonic

Add a refreshing touch to your loved ones skin care collection. This German facial tonic will fare well as a gift for an older loved one or someone with sensitive skin. The tonic is gentle, yet clarifying and will boost hydration in the skin or up to 24 hours. 

Frei Oel | $22 | Shop Now →

Feed the Rich Nail Lacquer

Smith & Cult Feed The Rich Nail Lacquer

A rich teal-green is the perfect nail color for the season. Smith & Cult makes opaque and opulent shades of nail polish that really last. This one is a subtle nod to holiday greenery while still remaining understated. It goes on smooth and shiny and is 5-free. 

Smith & Cult | $18 | Shop Now →

3-in-1 Cleansing Oil Gel 

No Cosmetics 3-in-1 Cleansing Oil Gel

Gift this unique facial cleanser to the skin care connoisseur in your life. They’ll love to be the first among their friends to get their hands on this emerging German beauty brand. The unique formulation stops bacteria growth on the skin’s surface and enhances cell renewal for a clear and glowing complexion. 

Nø Cosmetics | $16 | Shop Now →

Cedar Stack Votive Candle 

Boy Smells Cedar Stack Votive Candle

This could make a great self-care gift for the outdoorsy person you know and love. Bring the woodsy scent of their favorite campground into their home for the holidays. This modern take on a classic home fragrances contains notes of peppercorn, ladbandum and cedar chips. 

Boy Smells | $17 | Shop Now →

Hallo Kerti Moss Candle

Kala Hallo Kerti Moss Candle

The meditative mystic in your friend group will love this glowing and grounding candle. Earthy notes of green moss, sage leaf, palo santo, and star anise make this the perfect companion for a moment of relaxation and self-reflection. It’s made with 100% soybean wax and the glass vessel can be reused to store jewelry or house a plant. 

Kala | $14 | Shop Now →

4711 Watch Bottle

4711 Watch Bottle

An older family member with a passion for history will love receiving this classic fragrance from the brand behind the world's first eau de cologne. For less than $10 you can give them a chic, traditional fragrance that’s been loved for generations. 

4711 | $6.95 | Shop Now →

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