5 German Beauty Brands You Need To Know

5 German Beauty Brands You Need To Know

October 20, 2020

German beauty is the latest international trend for makeup and skincare lovers. You might be wondering, makes this trend different from all of the emerging brands you have access to? German beauty, or G-Beauty, is all about using natural ingredients to restore your skin to a balanced state. The G-Beauty look starts with clean, healthy skin with a lit-from-within glow. 

In the world of German beauty there is something for everyone. Glow-boosting, anti-aging, and no-frills products for everyone from the seasoned beauty lover to the complete minimalist can be found among the brands we carry here at Smallflower.com. Here’s your definitive guide to the best in German beauty.

For the Glow-Getter: Dr. Hauschka Skin Care

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Dr. Hauschka Skin Care is a great German beauty brand to try if you’re seeking glowy skin, have sensitive skin or want spa quality results. Dr. Hauschka’s aim is to create products that help to restore your skin’s natural balance with formulas that benefit your total wellbeing. There’s no better product to start with than the Facial Toner ($37). This refreshing spritz can be used over makeup through the day for a balancing boost or added to your skin care routine. It features Anthyllis and witch hazel extracts which support elasticity and refine your pores. 

The Tinted Day Cream ($45) will make an excellent addition to your daily look if you want added moisture and an envy-inspiring glow. Almond oil, nourishing avocado oil, and protective rose wax keep the skin hydrated and plump. Finish out your Dr. Hauschka trio with the ultimate treat, the Revitalizing Mask ($35). In just 20 minutes you’ll see dry, irritated skin become visibly renewed and radiant. Jojoba and wheat germ oil will gently remove impurities and clarify the skin. 

For the Classic Beauty: Nivea

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We can’t talk about German beauty without mentioning Nivea. This iconic drugstore brand has been loved for generations, and for good reason. You probably remember seeing the classic blue tin of Nivea Creme ($16.50) in your grandmother’s handbag while envying her seemingly effortless and ageless beauty. Well, that beauty staple is still used by people around the world today. We carry the original German formulation, which has a more dense, creamy consistency than other versions. Use a thick layer on the face as a hydrating overnight mask or just a small dab for a boost of moisture. It can even be used to protect your hands after exposure to cold winds and icy temperatures this winter.

The Nivea Lactic Acid Micellar Facial Cleanser ($13.50) is a new arrival from our latest German shipment. It’s enriched with lactic acid, a natural moisturizing factor that smooths out texture and creates a more even complexion. It has a gel-like consistency without a heavy lather. If you want a quick boost of anti-aging goodness, check out the Q10 Power Sheet Mask ($9.95). Q10 is a powerful antioxidant that can reverse the signs of aging while stimulating collagen production. 

For the Editorial Expert: Weleda

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If you’ve picked up a beauty magazine over the last year or followed the work of any makeup artists, you’ve probably heard of Weleda Skin Food (18.99). This plant-powered skin cream is loved by beauty editors and makeup artists alike. It can be used on the high points of the faces as a glossy, but not shimmery, illuminator or all over for a gorgeous glow. A little goes a long way, so use sparingly for best results.  

We also love the One Step Cleanser and Toner for an easy cleanse after a long day. It’s a refreshing, milky lotion that removes makeup and tones the skins without overdrying. The citrus scent is invigorating without being overpowering and your skin will be left feeling totally fresh. Follow that up with Pomegranate Awakening Serum ($29.99) for a no-fuss nighttime routine. This age-defying serum will regenerate the skin while firming to reverse the look of fine lines. 

For the Makeup-Free Millenial: Nø Cosmetics

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If you love Glossier, prepare to be introduced to its German sibling. Nø Cosmetics is a German beauty brand that refuses to conform to traditional beauty standards. They’re products are formulated with real, clean ingredients for real people. It’s easy to use and the products work in tandem to bring your skin to its healthiest state. 

The 3-in-1 Cleansing Oil Gel ($16) will help you get the best of a double cleansing routine with just one product. It cleansing removes impurities while reducing pore size and fighting bacteria that may be causing acne. The Multipurpose Retinol Serum ($36) reduces fine lines and wrinkles with Vitamin A and Power-Retinol, a major player in the world of anti-aging ingredients. You should always wear SPF if you’re going to incorporate retinol into your skincare routine. The most luxurious and unique item in the Nø Cosmetics is the 24k Gold Infused Beauty Oil ($40). This radiant oil contains wild rose oil and marigold extract for a skin-generating and moisturizing effect. Real 24 karat gold particles give your skin a stunning glow. 

For Sensitive Skin: Frei Oel

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Protecting your skin’s health is top priority in the world of G-Beauty. If your skin is sensitive, Frei  Oel might be the brand for you. Free of actives, harsh exfoliators, alcohol, mineral oil and colorants, this brand will soothe and replenish dry, irritated skin.

The Cleansing Milk ($21.50) will gently cleanse your skin while providing 24 hours of hydration. Aloe vera and glycerin will leave the skin feeling supple. The Facial Tonic ($21.50) will refine the pores without tightening or stripping the skin. Complete your evening routine with the Night Care Face Cream with Passionflower ($33.50). It regenerates and protects the skin with phytosterols and ceramides. 

Ready to try out G-Beauty? Which brand are you most intrigued by? Let us know in the comments! 

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