9 Fall Fragrances That Are Better Than Sweater Weather

9 Fall Fragrances That Are Better Than Sweater Weather

September 25, 2019

A crisp chill floats into the air, leaves transition from bright green to jewel-toned shades, and light linens are swapped out for heavier knits. Fall has finally arrived. Once you’ve officially traded in lakeside weekends for cozy nights in with a great book, you might consider updating your fragrance collection for the season too. Fall fragrances don’t have to be the overpowering versions of their beachy, summer counterparts. They can be as subtle and understated as the season is when it first arrives. We’ve rounded up nine fall fragrances, including unique new arrivals, that will fit your style perfectly. 

For The Nostalgic Romantic

Slow Dance Eau De Parfum 

Byredo Slow Dance

This brand new scent from Byredo calls to mind memories of fall homecoming dances, nervous flutters, and first flirtations. It’s top note, opopanax is warm, honey-like myrrh found in resinous Commiphora Guidottii trees in Africa and Asia. It’s followed by a blend of geranium, labdanum, and violet which give this scent a bittersweet edge synonymous with teenage rites-of-passage. Patchouli and vanilla offer a sweetly spiced undercurrent. Slow Dance perfectly represents an age where innocence and experience collide.

Byredo | $260 | Shop Now →

For The Classic Gentleman

Santal Eau De Toilette

Floris Santal

 A warm and classic fragrance for the modern gentleman, Santal combines the brightness of bergamot, lemon zest, and green grass with spicy peppercorns, intense frankincense, and sensual vetiver. It’s multifaceted without being overwhelming — perfect for the old school traditionalist. This fall fragrance flows from day to night with ease, so you’ll never find an occasion where it doesn’t fit the bill. 

Floris | $135 | Shop Now →

For The Vintage Connoisseur 

Leather Eau De Parfum 


(MALIN+GOETZ) released a fall fragrance collection that centers traditional notes with unexpected twists. Leather is the scent within the lineup that possesses the most universal appeal. While the traditional smell of leather is instantly recognizable, its actually used as the base note here and is introduced by muted scents of lotus flower and green violet. Clove and muguet give it a raw, yet refined heaviness, like the edge of well-worn vintage denim. This fragrance is genderless and is meant to be layered and shared. 

(MALIN + GOETZ) | $95 | Shop Now →

For The Earthy Empath

Ummo Eau De Parfum

The latest release from Mexican perfume house, Xinu, is Ummo, an intense fragrance inspired by sacred rituals. Specifically, the scent of smoke released by burning tobacco leaves which are often used during traditional healing or purification ceremonies or to conjure deep states of trance. This scent is created with tobacco leaf absolute, jasmine tobacco flowers, liquidambar resin, tonka bean absolute, cedarwood essence, and a drop of honey. The peaceful nature lover will love this scent.

Xinu | $220 | Shop Now →

For The Refined Sophisticate

Tam Dao Eau De Toilette

Tam Dao Diptyque

Sandalwood is the star of this mythical scent which is inspired by the hazy jungles of Asia. It’s joined by rosewood, cypress, and ambergris, which highlight its multidimensionality. This fragrance is aromatic and earthy while still remaining fresh on the skin. It’s perfect for someone with refined taste who prefers subtlety to statement-making scents. 

Diptyque | $95 | Shop Now →

For The Millenial Hypebeast

New Tobacco Eau De Parfum

West Third Brand New Tobacco

This fragrance is perfect for the younger millennial who values making a statement with their personal style. Fresh tobacco, spicy ginger,  and sandalwood make this a quintessential fall fragrance that doesn’t feel over complicated or intimidating. It’s affordable, so it’ll work for the budget and style-conscious.

West Third Brand | $78 | Shop Now →

For The Bold Jetsetter

Notorious Oud Eau De Parfum

D.S. & Durga Notorious Oud

This fragrance is best suited for someone who’s never in the same place for long. The heaviness and air of mystery in this scent come from the musky, luxuriousness of Indonesian oud, which originates from the Southeast Asian agarwood tree. North African papyrus, Afghani saffron, and Bulgarian rose give it an international flair. It was formulated in Brooklyn, so despite its worldly appeal this fragrance still possesses the grit and glamour that’s synonymous with New York. 

D.S. & Durga | $175 | Shop Now →

For The Edgy Adventure Seeker

Copper Skies Eau De Parfum 

Kerosene Copper Skies

This Detroit-born fragrance is like golden hour in a bottle. It has a warm amber signature but features a metallic, edgy twist. Honey, cloves, and sweet basil deliver the darkness of tobacco and cedar in a sweet package. This scent is camphorous, slightly medicinal, and effortlessly cool. 

Kerosene | $140 | Shop Now →

For The Unrelenting Creative

Lady Vengeance Eau De Parfum

Juliette Has A Gun Lady Vengeance

Bold in its femininity, Lady Vengeance is a floral fragrance with a creative personality. It’s like your favorite roughed up leather jacket paired with a femme slip dress. Bulgarian rose is the opening note in this scent. Its faint sweetness is accompanied by smoky patchouli. That adds warmth while subtle vanilla gives it a sweet edge. 

Juliette Has A Gun | $145 | Shop Now →

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