Anthony's Fall Favorites

A Letter From Our President: Anthony's Fall Favorites

September 19, 2022

Seasonal change presents the opportunity to step back and re-evaluate my routine. As fall approaches and the weather shifts, I’m rethinking my daily essentials and swapping out my usual summer picks for warmer, more comforting options that help me feel grounded during this time of change.

Here are my must-haves for the season. I hope you’re able to use this list to discover new-to-you favorites from our apothecary that make you look and feel great, inside and out!

Tauer Perfumes L'Air Du Desert Morocain EDP

Tauer Perfumes L'Air Du Desert Eau De Parfum, $130

As soon as September rolls around, I get excited about wearing fragrances that let me savor autumn (my favorite season!) through the sense of smell. L'Air Du Desert Morocain by Tauer transports me to the Moroccan desert with a mix of sharp wood notes, warm spices, and dry desert air. It warms up and sweetens up a bit on my skin as the day goes on. This long lasting fragrance is perfect for those fall warm days followed by cool nights. I'm wearing it as I write this description and I can't stop smelling my wrist!

KOBO Modena Leather Collection

KOBO Candles, Modena Leather Room Spray, $35 

Fall was always shoe shopping time during my childhood. And I guess I've come to associate the scent of leather with the season in a nostalgic and pleasurable way. KOBO's Modena Leather Diffuser and Room Spray are a great way for me to bring that rich, heavy leather scent into my office and home. I love to smell this comforting scent as I feel a touch of cool air coming in through my office window.

Q Brothers Synthetic Shave Brush

Q Brothers Synthetic Shave Brush, $22

If you don't have a shave brush or if you've never used a shave brush, then you can't go wrong with our own synthetic bristle, black on black brush. Synthetic bristles have gotten so good in recent years, that it is easy to go cruelty-free and still get a top-notch shave. Plus the black handle and black bristle looks really nice in my bathroom.

Host Defense MyCommunity Mushroom Extract

Host Defense MyCommunity Liquid Mushroom Extract Blend, $39.50

I try to keep my immunity strong while seeing a lot of people at work and in my personal life. I've become a devoted user of this liquid mushroom combination. The research on mushrooms is so compelling that I have started carrying a bottle around with me and taking this about 2 to 3 times a day. While I can't avoid ever getting sick, this feels like a simple way to lessen the frequency, duration, and severity of common illnesses and colds. 

Caswell Massey Number Six Shaving Cream

Caswell-Massey Number Six Shaving Cream, $26

I'm obsessed with the scent of Number Six by Caswell-Massey ever since they did a reformulation to try to get a modern fragrance that is closer to the original fragrance which was worn by George Washington (yes, it's that old). It's a bit citrusy with a bit of earthiness, but overall it is just magical. And this shave cream base (made to be used with a shave brush) creates a really smooth, creamy lather that gives a very close, comfortable shave. The fragrance and the cream are the perfect combination for an excellent shave.

Jao Brand Goe Oil

Jao Brand Goe Oil, $52

I used to have dry skin on my arms and legs much of the year and a few years ago I started using this one-of-a-kind semi-solid oil every day. Since using Jao Brand Goe Oil I've never had dryness issues since. Yes, this is an expensive product, but the secret is to use a small amount on your body when your skin is still a bit wet from the shower. The oils go a long way, and it leaves your skin soft, smooth, and smelling great.

St. Johns Vetiver Deodorant

St. Johns Vetiver Deodorant, $18 

I made the switch to natural deodorant decades ago, and I've never looked back. But I'm always trying to see if there is a new natural deodorant that will impress me with its effectiveness while still smelling great. This new stick from St. John's does exactly that. It works, and it smells amazing. Fresh and woody and clean, like a fall Saturday afternoon. My wife smelled it and started using it as well. It has universal appeal.

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