How To Make Your Own Swedish Bitters At Home

How To Make Your Own Swedish Bitters At Home

June 18, 2021

We’ve long celebrated Maria Treben as a pioneer of traditional wellness remedies. The Austrian herbalist and author of "Health Through God's Pharmacy: Advice and Experiences with Medicinal Herbs" is credited with popularizing Swedish Bitters, a medicinal tonic made with 22 health enhancing herbs.

When combined with alcohol and allowed to infuse over a three week period, this blend of herbs transforms into a tonic that’s quickly absorbed into the bloodstream when consumed, calming bloat and other digestive issues. Swedish Bitters has been heralded as a miracle supplement for generations and with popular herbs like saffron, thistle, mistletoe, cinnamon, cardamom, aloe, myrrh and camphor, loose Swedish Bitters can be used to treat a variety of ailments.

Along with the loose herbs, we also carry a variety of Swedish Bitters liquid supplements that are already made and ready to ship, including an alcohol-free version. Keep reading if you’d like to learn how to make a batch yourself at home, we even found a way to make it without alcohol, if you’d like.

Why Should You Try Swedish Bitters?

Swedish bitters can be used as a daily preventative tonic for your digestive system. It aids conditions like constipation, a sluggish gallbladder, liver issues and can even help you bounce back from that heavy, “food coma” feeling after a big meal. It’s also been known to speed up the metabolism of alcohol, making hangovers a little easier to recover from. These are medicinal bitters which provide a regulating effect on the digestive system, so we don’t recommend using them as mixers or as herbal cocktail bitters.

Additionally, Swedish Bitters can be used as a topical solution for skin irritation and conditions like eczema. This specific mixture should be used with caution if you plan to apply it to the skin. Traditionally, it was applied to the skin with a compress. We recommend applying a layer of calendula ointment to protect the skin before applying the Swedish Bitters tonic and a compress, as it can cause further irritation and burning without that protective layer. Our Swedish Bitters Cream from HerbsnRoots will also get the job done, if you’d prefer not to use the tonic in this way, but still need a product to treat skin issues.

Overall, we find Swedish Bitters to be an extremely effective, value-driven tonic that can be used as an occasional cleanse or as a daily preventative health supplement. Making the tonic yourself is a cost-effective and low waste way to improve your total wellbeing.

Make Your Own Swedish Bitters

Here’s what you’ll need:

-1 package of HerbnRoots Swedish Bitter Herbs

-750ml of alcohol, we recommend using vodka, but you can also use gin or schnapps. For an alcohol-free version, combine 3 parts food-grade glycerin with one part water.

-A 2 liter clear glass sealable container

How To Make Your Own Swedish Bitters

1. Open the package of HerbsnRoots Swedish Bitter Herbs and pour half the contents into the glass container.

2. Add 750ml (a fifth) of vodka or glycerin mixture to the container.

3. Shake to combine and allow it to infuse for 21-28 days, shaking the mixture daily.

4. Strain the mixture so that only the liquid is left.

5. Add a spoonful of the liquid bitters to a cup of nettle tea and enjoy!

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