Staff Picks: Nifty Dad’s Day Gifts

Staff Picks: Nifty Dad’s Day Gifts

June 01, 2018

Come on, does Dad really need another tie? This Father's Day, skip the cliché presents and get him a memorable gift that he can actually use. Even if your dad is hard to shop for, our Staff Dad's Day Gift Guide has some foolproof ideas (in a range of price points) that he's sure to love. Browse our hand-picked selection of wet shaving essentials, grooming goods, and more! [GDC_row] [GDC_column size="half"] [/GDC_column] [GDC_column size="half"] [/GDC_column] [/GDC_row]

Rockwell Razors – Stainless Steel 6S Adjustable Safety Razor

“I’m dropping hints about getting this razor for Father’s Day. It’s made from solid stainless steel and has six different settings for a completely customizable shave. I’ve already got 13 razors, so I’d feel a little guilty buying it for myself—but I’d love to add it to my collection!”

Ramon – Men’s Grooming Specialist

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Q Brothers – Q Brothers Beard Oil

“Q Brothers Beard Oil is definitely on my wish list—it’s a nice, lightweight oil blend with a great scent and a cool bottle. When it’s extra dry, I condition my beard up to three times a day, so this is the perfect gift for me!”

Rob – Customer Service

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Gold-Dachs - Olivewood Nail Brush

"It may seem like an odd gift, but this is a really nice nail brush! My Vati is always in his machine shop, making & fixing just about everything. After a day of skillfully crafting, his hands are definitely dirty. I'm giving him this brush so he can clean up in style! It has firm boar bristles and beautiful olivewood—and it's made in his birthplace of Germany, which I know he will appreciate."

Tanja - Fragrance Specialist

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Malin + Goetz - Sage Styling Cream

"The first time I met my husband, I made fun of his hair. Turns out he actually has luscious, thick hair, but he had no idea how to style it. He's not a "product" kind of guy, but he'll use this cream—it's got a light hold & sinks right in so there's no residue or greasy feel. He's always asking for more, so this is a great gift for our girls to give him."

Lori - Product Specialist

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Floris - Fragrance Travel Collection for Him

"My dad is a pretty groovy dude and has always sought out unique "Foo"—this is his word for cologne or fragrance. Until recently I figured "Foo" was some actual slang for fragrance but it turns out it is actually just a word that I think my dad made up. I know this special collection from Floris will be a great addition to his current everyday "Foo" and keep him smelling groovy."

Alex - Buyer

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Jack Black – Industrial Strength Hand Healer

“My dad spends all his spare time in his woodshop refinishing furniture and making neat stuff to sell at flea markets. His hands get pretty beat up, so I know he’ll appreciate this hard-working hand cream. It’s super hydrating, but non-greasy, so he can use it and get right back to work!”

 Claire – Copywriter

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Tabac – Original Aftershave

“While living in Germany, my dad discovered Tabac Aftershave, and he’s loved using it ever since. It can be hard to find in the US, so I’m going to surprise him with a bottle this year. It’s woodsy & spicy with a hint of citrus—a tried-and-true classic.”

Isabelle – Product Specialist

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Kala – Volcanic Ash & Icelandic Moss Soaps

“I like to give presents that are both useful and thoughtfully designed. These Kala Soaps are perfect—they have skin-nurturing ingredients and fantastic minimalist packaging. Definitely a step up from Dad’s usual Irish Spring.”

Kristi – Graphic Designer

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Allgauer - Mineral Foot Bath Salts

"My dad has been ready to retire for years, but he's still working his used clothing shop from open to close. By day's end his tired, aching feet need some love. My mom's usually not willing to give him a foot massage, so the mineral foot bath by Allgauer is the next best thing to invigorate and energize his tired feet until his eventual retirement."

Matthew - Assistant Manager

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4711 - Cologne & Shower Gel Gift Set

"My dad loves the scent of 4711 because it reminds him of vacationing in southern California as a boy. This new set keeps him smelling extra fresh with a spray and a body wash—and it comes in a fancy box!"

Rachel - Copywriter

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