The 7 Best German Hand Creams Under $30

The 7 Best German Hand Creams Under $30

September 11, 2019

As the seasons' change, the daily wear and tear on your hands will start to become more apparent. You might consider starting to hunt down the perfect hand cream. Cooling temperatures, combined with constant typing, driving, washing dishes, and other manual tasks are a recipe for dry, flaky hands. Abandoning these daily demands in favor of seeking a life of leisure sounds ideal, but there are other options.

You can find a suitable hand cream just about anywhere, but our unique selection of imported, German hand creams is really special. Below, we’ve rounded up budget-friendly options that fit into every lifestyle. Once you find you’re favorite, you’re going to want to order it by the handful.   

For Sensitive Skin

Sensitive Hand & Nail Cream

Kamill Sensitive Skin & Nail Cream

For delicate hands, any old hand cream won’t do. When your hands are feeling extra dry or if you’re prone to reactions, pick a hand cream formulated specifically for sensitive skin. This German-made must-have from Kamill features organic chamomile and its derivative, bisabolol, two soothing ingredients that combat inflammation. Wave goodbye (with healed hands) to flaking, inflamed skin.   

Kamill | $4.95 | Shop Now ->

For The Luxury Skin Care Seeker 

Hydrating Hand Cream 

Dr. Hauschka Skin Care Hydrating Hand Cream

Applying a skin-protecting hand cream should be an essential part of your routine, especially if you live in a harsh climate. Dr. Hauschka’s Hand Cream absorbs quickly and kickstarts the skin’s natural renewal process thanks to key ingredient kalanchoe. It’s a species of flowering plant known for its ability to create new cells on the inner petals of a flower, which force it to bloom. Additional ingredients like marsh mallow, anthyllis, and blackthorn deeply hydrate, firm and fortify. Try this for a luxury experience, without the high-end price tag. 

Dr. Hauschka Skin Care | $25 | Shop Now ->

For The Frequent Flier

Wild Rose Wellness Hand Cream Tin

Herbacin Wild Rose Wellness Hand Cream Tin

Whether travel is a regular part of your schedule or you’re planning holiday getaways, you know that time spent on planes will inevitably dry out your skin. This convenient, travel-friendly tin is easy to pop into a purse or pocket. Plus, it’s light rose scent is relaxing and mild. The glycerin-led formulation will keep your hands moisturized without feeling greasy. If you’ve always wanted to try a German hand cream, give this budget-friendly favorite a try. 

Herbacin | $3 | Shop Now ->

For The Anti-Aging Obsessed 

Nivea Anti-Age q10 Plus Hand Cream 

Nivea Anti-Age Care Q10 Plus Hand Cream

Signs of aging are often most visible in thin-skinned areas like the hands and eyes. To protect them from age spots or wrinkles, try a hand cream like Nivea’s Anti-Age q10 Plus Hand Cream. The hero ingredient in this product is CoEnzyme Q10. First gaining popularity in Japan (as most great skin care ingredients do), this power player is an antioxidant that reduces the effects of external skin stressors like sun damage and pollution. It also neutralizes free radicals which increase the rate of aging. 

Nivea | $11.50 | Shop Now ->

For The Fragrance-Free Aficionado 

Glycerin Hand Cream (Unscented)

Herbalind Glycerin Hand Cream (Fragrance Free)

There’s also an option for those who are put off by even the lightest of fragrances. Herbalind makes a fragrance-free German hand cream that’s heavy in Vitamins A & E and ultra-moisturizing alpha hydroxy acids. This is a Smallflower customer favorite, earning five stars across the board. Our shoppers recommend it for those who want to keep wind-chapped skin at bay during the wintertime. 

Herbalind | $7.99 | Shop Now ->

For The Summer Scent Lover 

Sea Buckthorn Hand Cream 

Weleda Sea Buckthorn Hand Cream

If the Herbalind option isn’t your jam, pick an oil-based hand cream like this one from the cult-favorite German brand, Weleda. Organic sea buckthorn oil, which is full of fatty acids that keep your skin super soft, is the star of this summery hand cream. The mandarin and orange essential oils give it a bright scent that’ll transport you right back to the beach, despite the fresh fall chill that’s in the air. 

Weleda | $12.49 | Shop Now ->

For Hand Cream Haters 

Hand Cream 

Frei Oel Hand Cream

All it takes is one hand cream, with its slick film and a greasy feel to give them all a bad reputation. Let this German hand cream be the one that changes everything. Frei Oel, a legacy brand known for using natural oils in all of its products, makes a hand cream that will turn even the least inclined to try it into a fan. Provitamin B5 and allantoin work together to heal rough hands and replenish moisture without the dreaded greasy feel. After one use, you’ll consider yourself a convert.

Frei Oel | $6 | Shop Now ->

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