The Affordable French Fragrance House That Everyone’s Talking About

The Affordable French Fragrance House That Everyone’s Talking About

September 03, 2021

Outremer is one of our most popular fragrance brands. The French perfume house is known for their uncomplicated assortment of single-note extracts, eau de toilettes, bubble baths and body lotions. This effortlessly chic brand has taken the internet by storm due to its affordable price, unique design, and nostalgic aromas. While you may already be familiar with the ever popular Vanille Eau De Toilette, there is much more to Outremer besides this highly sought after scent. We’re proud to carry a full selection of Outremer products at Read on to dive into the mysterious world of Outremer with us.

About Outremer

Steeped in visions of Parisian romance and old-world design, Outremer fragrances are the ultimate budget-friendly indulgence. Although this brand originated in the 1980s, each bottle is adorned with 1930s, Art Nouveau-inspired finery. Each ornate label and beautiful glass bottle houses a finely crafted scent that evokes 20th century glamour. Considered one of Europe’s best kept secrets, Outremer, formerly known as L'Aromarine, is one of only a few remaining perfumeries that still manufactures bath and perfume products in Paris. Outremer has previously produced collections of brands like Yves St. Laurent, Kenzo and Hermes.

Vanille: Outremer’s Most Coveted Scent

Outremer Vanille Eau De Toilette

Outremer Vanille Eau De Toilette is the unmistakable star of the show. This signature fragrance is warm, spicy and sweet. The scent is beloved by so many that it can be incredibly hard to find. One of our best selling scents, Vanille is not just a simple vanilla. The perfume is more than a single note scent and is known to evoke nostalgic memories of being surrounded by the scent of warm baked goods and loved ones. The most feverishly pursued of all Outremer's finely crafted scents, Vanille Eau De Toilette is sweet and sumptuous, but never overpowering or cloying. It is a total head turner that will garner endless compliments and keep you coming back for more.

Single-Note Stand Outs

Single note perfume extracts are also an incredibly popular facet of Outremer’s brand. For less than $10 you can elevate your fragrance assortment with these rich and powerful aromas. They’re great for blending into your own unique scent blends, can be worn alone and can even be used in home fragrance aromatherapy diffusers. Those new to the brand should consider trying Bergamot Perfume Extract, a refreshing and bright scent; Oceane Perfume Extract, a breezy salty ocean scent, or Mousse de Chene Perfume Extract, an earthy and grounded oak moss aroma. You can’t go wrong with these contemporary classics.

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