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Bay Rum Aftershave by Captain's Choice (4oz After Shave)

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Alternate Views Aftershave- Bay Rum
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Size: 4oz after shave

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Product Description:

Captain's Choice bay rum aftershave has a natural deep amber color and is presented in a traditional glass bottle. It is wonderfully scented with a mellow masculine overtone and hints of cinnamon and citrus. Delivers just the right 'zing' to a freshly shaven face and provides deep moisturizing comfort all day long. Natural ingredients settle over time so a good shake before application is the way to go. Its soothing quality battles razor burn and replenishes dry skin.

Product Details:

Ingredients: Alcohol, witch hazel, essential oils and extracts, glycerin.

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Video: Captain's Choice Aftershave Review

June 11, 2012

The Q Brothers review a customer favorite- Captain's Choice Bay Rum Aftershave.

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Captain's Choice Bay Rum Aftershave on Shaving 101

March 22, 2012

There are scores of Bay Rum aftershaves on the market, but Captain's Choice is really something special. Creator Scott Brennecke spent countless hours creating a perfectly balanced Bay Rum scent in a formula designed to soothe and tone the skin. The classic apothecary bottle with an "aged" nautical label only adds to the charm of this handcrafted men's product. is known for its wet shaving articles, how-to guides and photography. They recently published an in-depth review of Captain's Choice Bay Rum Aftershave. See how this newcomer has earned its place among the most classic aftershave scents. Click here to read the article.

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About Captain's Choice:

Enthusiasts and professionals in the world of wet shaving agree, your morning can finally be complete with Captain's Choice at hand! Try the premium shave soap for a supremely comfortable shave and follow with one of the amazingly scented aftershaves for seriously smooth, toned skin. Crafted in small batches with all-natural ingredients right here in the USA, Captain's Choice products will put the wind in your sails. Welcome aboard!

5.0 33
Arrgh Maties! Do your face a favor and get The Captains Choice Bay Rum Aftershave
5 5 1
WOW This is the best Bay Rum I had ever owned It is subtle yet noticeably there The few Bay Rum colognes I had worn ALWAYS gave me a headache at some point but not this one Is there a soap by this brand If not why not Also a lotion would be nice
5 5 1
Wonderful after shave I originally got this as a sample which I quickly used up and was left craving more This is a wonderful product For me it has a very long lasting smell that I love I know that it differs based on person to person but for me this smell lasts 1012 hours without much of a problem and at times even moreIt goes on smooth with a very slight burning sensation to let you know it is working and that gives way to a nice cooling when you step out of the bathroom and it swiftly dries leaving just a nice feeling and wonderful scentVery fair price as well a little goes a long way so 4 ounces is a pretty good amount This is highly recommended and as soon as my friends arenx27t afraid of alcohol based AS they will be getting a bottle
5 5 1
Awesome Scent I purchased Captainx27s Choice Bay Rum after posting a question on a very popular wet shaving website The question was simply who had the best Bay Rum aftershave The responses that I received were overwhelmingly supportive of one Bay Rum The Captainx27s Choice Bay Rum After purchasing a bottle I was not disappointed the scent is absolutely fantasticNormally after shaves made with alcohol can be very drying to ones face not Captainx27s Choice the Captain has added Witch hazel and Glycerin to help prevent the drying effects of the alcohol Another important test of an aftershave is the wife test and my wife loves the scent this of this ASBob
5 5 1
Bay Rum Nicely scented and leaves my skin feeling smooth and moisturizedwhat most impressed me that last quite awhile My wife is likequotAy papiget closer to mequotIn other words loves the fragrance
5 5 1
Love at first smell! I love this stuff It has a lingering spicy smell that you catch a whiff of all day long but it isnx27t overpowering It quickly became my favorite scent as well as my wifex27s It has a soothing tightening effect on your skin it feels great after a shave
5 5 1
Bay Rum Nicely scented and leaves my skin feeling smooth and moisturizedwhat most impressed me that it lasts quite awhile My wife is likequotAy papiget closer to mequotIn other words loves the fragrance
5 5 1
Good stuff! Awesome Bay Rum Very nice scent with good staying power for an aftershave after all itx27s not a cologne and a moderate amount of burn if your shave was less than perfectI will continue to keep it in my collection
5 5 1
Simply the Best! I recently received my Captainx27s Choice Gift Box for Christmas and all I can say is WOW This is my first time using any Bay Rum and I canx27t imagine there being a comparable product out there The whole package is top notch and anyone that enjoys Bay Rum after shaves would be thrilled to have this as a gift Heck even if you are not a Bay Rum guy the box and cork stopped bottle are enough of a reason to buy this so you can store and display your preferred AS Bravo Captain I for one will be using your Bay Rum throughout the winter months The scent reminds me of the Holidays so this is officially my winter after shave
5 5 1
The Very Best Bay Rum I love Captainx27s Choice Bay Rum Aftershave I am a huge bay rum fan and have tried most of them Captainx27s Choice excels in that it perfectly blends vanilla cinnamon and citrus to the traditional clove and bay leaf base The scent is multidimensional Love it
5 5 1
Awesome Bay Rum This is the very best bay rum I have tried to date and I have tried many Captainx27s Choice does a great job of blending layers of vanilla citrus and cinnamon into the traditional clove and bay leaf base Very addicting scent that lasts all day My other bottles of bay rum aftershave are just not getting any attention
5 5 1
Phenominal I got a bottle of Captains Choice about 23 months ago and I have not been able to use another after shave since This is the best I have ever used and I will definately be ordering more as soon as mine runs low I absolutely recommend getting this The service is top noth aswell
5 5 1
Captain's Choice Bay Rum Aftershave For the shaver that desires a quality Bay Rum Aftershave consider Captainx27s ChoiceCaptainx27s Choice has a great scent that is not overpowering The scent is that of spice and a bit of citrus The aftershave provides very nice conditioning to the face and leaves the skin feeling greatMy reason for the 4 stars and not 5 is my own personal preferences1 I like a bit more quotburnquot There is an initial warmth that you get when you apply the aftershave that dissipates nicely However I personally really like the feeling a more intense burn2 The scent is wonderful I just wish it lasted a bit longerOverall a quality product that I will keep in my shave den
5 4 1
Great Product Got a sample then bought the big bottle Product works and smells great Really leaves skin feeling goodand the wife likes the way it smells Keep up the good work and I wish you much success
5 5 1
Captain's IS the choice! This is a wonderful bay rum and one of the best Ix27ve ever tried Itx27s very smooth and natural smelling It exudes quality and I can easily recommend it
5 5 1
Not Bay Rum I really like this scent but if wex27re being honest this is less Bay Rum than itx27s merely inspired by Bay Rum products The dominate notes are everything but the Bay Rum which is probably why so many people love itItx27s also much more fragrant than a traditional Bay Rum such as from CaliforniaAntilles Trading Co which puts it closer to a cologne in my book You can use a bottle of traditional Bay Rum to freshen up and cool off in the middle of a hot day with a splash here and a splash there But this would be far too powerful and expensive to use that way
5 5 1
GREAT product at a great price! So first off let me say I have only ever used a cream aftershave before using this product so Ix27m not used to any sort of alcohol based aftershave That being said I had a VERY good experience with the Captainx27s Choice Bay Rum Aftershave I ended up opening the bottle after a shave and smelling the nice aroma from the bottle I put a good amount in my hands and splashed it on my face Immediately I felt a sharp tingle from the aftershave that immediately went away I also smelled an amazing aroma as the aftershave was placed closer to my nose All in all I think this was a very good choice of aftershave for my transfer from a balm to an alcohol based aftershave as I donx27t think I could go back to the balmsunless there is a Captainx27s Choice Balm in the near future The smell is GREAT and it made my face feel great I canx27t emphasize enough how great the smell is The epitome of manly smells with this scent there is no such thing as too much
5 5 1
Best Bay Rum, guaranteed! Captainx27s Choice is the best bay rum AS I have ever used I find it moisturizing and it conveys a gentle warmth for hours after the shave In addition it has nice staying power allowing you to enjoy its wonderful authentic scent for hours Highly recommended It is by far my favorite AS
5 5 1
Wow! I love this product It has just the right blend of spices for me It leaves your face tight and taunt The scent is long lasting but not overpowering If you ever try it you will never want to be without it
5 5 1
A Phenomenal Product! I love Captainx27s Choice Bay Rum after shave It has just the right combination of ingredients to give it that authentic spicy bay rum scent without being overpowering like other after shaves Ix27ve tried Itx27s refreshing masculine and has just the right amount of that after shave quottinglequot youx27re looking for when initially applied It feels soothing and it smells wonderful Itx27s truly a great product that you can buy with confidence
5 5 1
The only thing that can calm this angered beast! So I have been using this lovely aftershave for probably close to 4 months now It can turn a bad shave nicks cuts razor burn into a good one It smells lovely The scent doesnx27t stick around super long which for me as a chef is one of the more appealing characteristics I hope in the near future we get a soap shampoo and shaving soap from The Captain I will continue to buy this product and I recommend it to all of my friends If you are in the market I suggesting adding this to your bag and not looking back
5 5 1
THE Bay Rum!!! Remembering the Bay Rum scent hanging in the air at the barbershop when I was a kid I spent a good while searching for a good bay rum but had been for the most part disappointed Ix27ve tried several but none of them seemed to measure up until on the recommendation of a friend I tried Captainx27s Choice BingoThis is the Bay Rum you have been loooking for It has that classic kick without the overpowering clove scent that so many others have Just enough glycerine so it feels great on your face and the scent is spot on perfect The wife gives Captainx27s Choice an enthusiastic thumbs up also Itx27s the only Bay Rum that gets her approval and she loves the way it smells on me If you are looking for a bay rum aftershave that performs great and smells great look no further This is FANTASTIC STUFF
5 5 1
Excellent Aftershave So I had an opportunity to try this aftershave in a sample size and I wasnx27t really sure what to expect When I opened it I didnx27t immediately smell the alcohol but I could tell it was a strong scent that smelled a lot of cloves and spices After one use I was sold on it This particular splash does indeed have grain alcohol in it and rum but itx27s hard to tell from the feel Itx27s a light splash that has a warm and pleasant aroma The aroma lasts for a while but is not overpowering This is a top notch product made in by a small company in the USA Itx27s also got limited ingredients which makes this one of the more natural aftershaves on the market today Top Notch Bay Rum Scent and Top Notch Aftershave
5 5 1
Something Changed The first bottle I got of this with the beige wrapper was great The second bottle with the darker wrapper smelled completely different and was very disappointing I know because I have a quarter of the first bottle leftover and have compared them sidebyside Theyx27re completely different products and I donx27t like the new scent at all
5 2 1
The Choice in Bay Rum! Captainx27s Choice is a wonderful smooth natural smelling bay rum and one of the best Ix27ve ever used It has really good longevity also If you like bay rum you should give the Captainx27s a try
5 5 1
Oh, man! What an awesome aftershave! My wife loves this scent but it wasnx27t until now that I found a brand I really liked This Captainx27s Choice is awesome Itx27s what Ix27ve always thought the quotBay Rumquot scent should be The perfect scent is just the beginning though It has such a perfect combination of witch hazel and other ingredients that it gives you a surprising balance of that nice quotGood Morningquot bracer quickly followed by a mellow coolness All accompanied by a warm spicy scent that lasts all day I never knew an aftershave could accomplish all this Top it all off with superb customer service from the quotCaptainquot and you can order with total confidence
5 5 1
Great AS This is a great product For a quality aftershave you want a product that is going to leave your face feeling smooth and comfortablethe scent is almost an afterthought However Captainx27s Choice is a high quality aftershave with an amazing scent a perfectly spiced Bay Rum This is a great producthighly recommended
5 5 1
Best Bay Rum This is the best bay rum aftershave I have tried to date and I have tried many If you like the smell of bay rum this is a mustown The scent harkens back to the day of traditional barbershops where men were men and barbers knew how to give a great haircut and straight edge shave Most bay rum aftershaves rely too heavily on clove for scent Captainx27s Choice is much more multidimensional as it appropriately blends vanilla citrus and cinnamon to the bay leaves and clove for a balanced spicey finish My other bottles of bay rum aftershave are just not getting any love now that I have Captainx27s Choice
5 5 1
BestBay Rum Captainx27s Choice is the best bay rum aftershave I have ever tried I am a huge bay rum fan and have bay rum shaving creams shaving soaps and aftershaves Most of the bay rum scents are too heavy in clove and are too one dimensional Captainx27s Choice does a great job of blending other notes such as citrus vanilla cinnamon to the bay leaf and clove to provide a balanced muftidimensional bay rum scent Since trying Captainx27s Choice Bay Rum Aftershave I have forsaken all my other bay rum aftershaves and for good reason
5 5 1
This one gets it right! I donx27t know what the magic element is in this blend that sets it so far apart from the competition but this is my favorite bay rum It smells terrific and to my nose a little more herbalearthy than other brands It has just the right amount of burn and it quickly dissipates leaving a soothing healing sensation
5 5 1
Captain’s Choice Bay Rum Aftershave I bought this for my son He likes the scent but was very disappointed that the scent fades away and doesnt last I dont think he uses it at all
5 5 1
amazing the best aftershave that I have ever tried along with Tabac
5 5 1
Bay Rum aftershsve I am enjoying a change Wanted something different Great for my facial skin Stays tight all day
5 5 1