Hinoki Aroma Oil (Japanese Cypress)

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Relaxing & Purifying

Origin : Japan

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Hinoki is known for its ability to kill bacteria, viruses and viral infections. In Japan, Hinoki is a well known oil and is used in temples, bath environments and shrines. Hinoki oil has a relaxing and decongestant effect and is excellent for the relief of blocked noses, sinus and chest congestion, breathing problems like asthma as well as the relief of stress and tension. Hinoki is used for spiritual, purification and relaxation to relief the stress of our hectic modern world.
Ingredients +
100% Steam distilled Hinoki (Japanese Cypress) Oil
Details +
Directions for Use: FACIAL MASSAGE / -about 1 drop of Hinoki oil : a tablespoonful carrier oil
BODY MASSAGE / -about 2 drops of Hinoki oil : 1 tablespoonful carrier oil
FOR BATH / -about 6 drops
AROMA OIL BURNER / -about 2~3 drops of Hinoki oil : a tablespoonful water

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