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Cleanses without Drying

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This product can be used as an excellent body (or face) moisturizer for all skin types!
Chidoriya`s massage & cleansing oil combines cold-pressed Grapeseed oil, organic golden jojoba oil, and select essential oils. Grapeseed oil offers a high content of Linoleic Acid, vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. Jojoba oil has a similar molecule structure to sebum (your skin`s natural oil), a wonderful emollient, and prevents dehydration. Also it helps tightens and firms the skin. The chose essential oils help improve many types of problem skin (ex: itchy, acne and inflamed skin. Cleans mascara and other eye makeup while keeping moisture and smoothness.
Ingredients +
Grapeseed oil, Golden jojoba oil (Certified Organic), TENNYOKO OIL : Lavender oil (Anti-Ceptic, Anti-Fungal, Anti-Wrinkle), Geranium oil (Helps to treat hormonal imbalance), Rosemary oil (Boost cell renewal, Anti-Oxidants, Anti-Cellulite), Palmarosa oil (Clarifying, Calming & Uplifting), Maychang oil (Calming & very cheering), Benzoin oil (Anti-Perspirant, Muscle relaxant), Cedarwood oil (Calming and helps ease anxiety), Grapefruit seed extract
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Directions for Use: How to use: Apply tablespoon full amount into palm and massage your face with Gently stroke by your fingers and hold your eyelashes and wipe with your fingertips when cleansing mascara

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