Hot Milk

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The sweetness of milk in a shell of hot chilies. A splash of great personality!

Origin : Italy

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What exactly is Hot Milk? One whiff and you`ll realize that`s not an easy question to answer. There`s an intensely electric burst of resinous black pepper, nose-tingling cinnamon, and even an undercurrent of insidiously scalding chili oil but leave it to Hilde Soliani to balance all of that firepower on top of a milky note that soothes the spirit and fill the senses with memories of childhood with a wondrously cool creaminess.

What do those two opposite elements add up to? It seems like each time we put it on our skin, we pick up yet another facet--sometimes the energetic pepper dominates, other times the smooth gourmand aspects, and often still the two synthesize into something that resembles a rich, fascinating woodsiness. What we do know for sure is that this is undeniably a Hilde scent!

NOTES: Milk, Hot Pepper

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