Anisette Orange Candle

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An Enchanting Waltz of Citrus & Spice

Origin : USA

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Reminiscent of bright white sun, dark shadows, splashes of vibrant color, and rugged terrain. The aromatic essence of wild bergamot, mandarin and blood orange are infused with spicy accents of anise, basil flower, and red peppercorn.

Made of domestically grown, sustainable soybean wax and cotton wicks, KOBO candles burn cleanly and have an excellent fragrance yield. Each gorgeous candle comes complete with an extinguishing lid and a custom-designed box of wooden matches. 80-hour burn time.

The Coterie Collection celebrates circles in every form, both dynamic and complex. It’s an invitation to look closely at the packaging as well as experience the fragrances. There is more than what first meets the eye – observe as the layers unfold.
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100% Pure Soy Wax
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