A La Rose Eau de Parfum

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An Ode to Femininity

Origin : France

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A La Rose is an ode to femininity, a declaration of love captured in a fragrance. A perfectly pink scent (both in color and synesthetic character), this fragrance is idealistic and youthful, perfect for those looking for a vivacious yet easily wearable rose.

Two hundred and fifty precious roses from Grasse offer their radiance and their unmatched richness. Bergamot is the perfect introduction to this light-hearted, gorgeous scent; its characteristic juicy pop enable us to bounce from the first to the 250th rose without tiring of the floral superstars of A La Rose.

Orange fulfills a similar purpose, although it’s citric energy is slightly more reflective, like a golden gauze through which we view this field of flowers. Lemon is the final, overtly tart frontier of A La Rose, but its floral, bitter bite melds seamlessly into rose, like a slight variation of color along the edge of petals. This triple floral top functions like the golden, brilliant light that shines on and feeds the fields of roses contained herein.

Damascene rose is the more austere of the two varieties herein, recalling the candied gourmandism of Turkish delight and the bittersweet intensity of Bulgarian rose. Centifolia rose is indubitably the sweeter, fruitier and fresher flower, like a yellow rose blooming at the peak of summer, its vivid smell magnified by the quickly evaporating morning dew. Violet provides an invisible, uplifting piquancy that keeps this rosey scent eternally appealing, and ensures this scent never feels repetitive. Cedarwood’s dulcet smoke is an elegant and slightly contrary finishing touch to this vibrant floral display, but both roses burn all the brighter against cedar’s dry backdrop.

Exquisitely arranged yet utterly modern in its liberated, full intensity, A La Rose is a definitive, hyper-naturalistic snapshot of rose’s irrefutable beauty; in it, we feel pretty, and witty and bright.

(bergamot, orange, lemon, Damascene rose, Centifolia rose, violet, cedarwood)
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