Aqua Celestia Eau de Toilette

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The Serene Beauty of Sky & Sea

Origin : France

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Aqua Celestia seamlessly blue: sea and sky meet in a sacred, blue, in-between space, where all those who search serenity inevitably collide. A heartfelt journey, this scent contains a soft, lullaby-like musicality that calmly, cooly unleashes our darker energies.

Mexican lime is a godsend for the particularly parched; it is spicy-tart and slightly floral, a bewitching melange that bounds, joyously, into a frosted, immaculate emerald of mint. Mint imbues Aqua Celestia (despite its evanescent, ephemeral nature) with solid structure, within which lime glows, a light welcoming all who glimpse it.

Black currant exists in shades of liquid velvet, a dim interior texture that nudges this scent comfortably closer to the sky. As the bittersweet body of black currant buoys Aqua Celestia, generous tufts of soft, full bloom of mimosa blossoms (from Provence) generously catch and cradle this celestial missive.

If lime, mint and even blackcurrant are somewhat sharp shimmering echoes of the sea, mimosa is a study is softness, a feathery sweetness that engenders a deep sense of comfort and calm. As mimosa situates this scent, musk envelops all, cloud cover that is luminous, transparent and effortlessly habitable.

Aqua Celestia defies the conventional logic of gravity, daring the wearer to aim high, no matter the obstacles.

Notes: Mexican Lime, Cool Mint Mitcham, Burgundian Blackcurrant Bud Absolute, Provencal Mimosa Absolute, Musk Accord.
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