Oud Satin Mood Eau de Parfum

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Dressed to Impress

Origin : France

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Oud is a star of perfumery that is one of this century`s rarest and most expensive natural raw materials. It took Francis Kurkdjian some time before he reached out for oud’s olfactory power and integrated it into his personal realm of practice. For Kurkdjian, oud conveys mystery, a bewitching narcotic that’s truly magnificent. This is an opulent Arabian perfume born out of a western sensitivity.

A pop-anthem version of Oud, Satin Mood is vibrant, fearless and defiantly sweet. Oud Satin Mood is a feat of engineering, bringing a shimmering fantasy to life. You`ll lose yourself in the depth of the moment, suspended in Satin Mood.

Violet creates the first burst of sparkle in this luminescent scent, like a rain of confetti onto center stage. It’s scintillating purple textures are simultaneously piquant and sugar-sweet, so when violet encounters rose it dissolves the austere, regal beauty of this flower. Bulgarian rose, usually bittersweet and potent, melts into a deep pile of ribbons of rose that wreathe skin in pink, movie-star-making satin garb.

Turkish rose is frozen and then cracked by violet’s tangy heat, creating a crackling, spiky-sweet effect, like crushed, fuschia candy-colored back up dancers. Vanilla, the bright white lights illuminating the upstage of this choreographed ribaldry unifies these textural differences with it’s creamy, adaptable effects, while amber injects a much needed dose of dry savory into this tooth-achingly luscious landscape.

Insouciant, energetic, and unapologetically gorgeous, Oud Satin Mood is a stunning scent. Oud Satin Mood inspires you to follow the example of a popstar, and go as bare as you dare; this scent is all you need to dress to impress.

(violet, Bulgarian rose, Turkish rose absolute, vanilla, amber)
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