Selfie Eau de Parfum

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Origin : France

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Bewitching and addictive, Selfie is the fragrance of a comfortable staging of self; the spectacle of a constantly renewed surprise. Its character comes from the striking animal accord evoking suede (styrax) as well as its chypre notes. Cozy notes of maple syrup sparkle with spices, resin, sandalwood and tonka bean, putting Selfie in a class of its own.

Elemi and ginger create a high, bright beam of light that illuminates the top of Selfie like the flash of a bulb. Star anise is a darker, solid texture that is enlivened by the aerating, strange smoke of incense, the afterburn of the exploded flash. Angelica`s bittersweet, dusty texture reminds us of powdered sugar, while maple syrup is its sepia liquid cousin: somehow, these sweet textures picture an old printed portrait, an unspotted wonder wherein dust motes still subtly marr the tawny brown exposure.

Cinnamon and lily continue angelica and maple syrup’s solid/fluid routine, small specks of woody spicy landing on and being absorbed into the creamy, clean white heart of the flower. Suede singlehandedly combines these textures, a silken stretch of fluid solidity. The pungent resins (styrax and labdanum) and rich greens (oakmoss and patchouli) that populate the base of Selfie are great, rounding forces that both retain the crystalline multi-dimensionally of this scent and allow for it to flow, sweetly, into skin. Tonka bean is a final liquid element against sandalwood a lean firm texture. A scent of duality, Selfie clearly evokes the private-public of both scent and self.

Perfumer: Thomas Fontaine at Pallida
(bergamot, elemi, benzoin siam, incense, musks, oakmoss, cedarwood, vetiver)
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