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Bulgarian Lavender Water

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Origin: Bulgaria
Scent: Lavender
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100% pure and natural, Alteya Organics' Lavender Water is made from steam distilled lavender blossoms hand-picked from their lavender plantation. USDA Certified Organic.Organic Lavender Water works as a fantastic skin toner - it not only gives your face a fresh glow, but aids in preventing dry skin! Plus, it makes hair soft and shiny!In addition to body care, Alteya's lavender water can be used to infuse bed lines (especially pillowcases!) with its relaxing, rest-inducing scent. Just add the lavender water to your iron and activate the steam function. Voila! Restful sleep ensues!


Contains only 100% pure steam-distilled Bulgarian Lavender Water

EAN: 3800219790139

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