Pivoine + Rhubarbe 1902 Eau de Toilette

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Cheerful & Sparkling

Origin: France
Scent: Amber, Peony, Rhubarb
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Cheerful & Sparkling

A cheerful, sparkling eau de toilette. Pivoine + Rhubarbe is a feminine eau de toilette with fruity and acidulous accents. Resolutely modern, the rhubarb note brings out all the originality of this fragrance.The scent opens with sharp green top notes of rhubarb and blackcurrant, softened by the fruity roundness of the lychee. Its light, airy heart combines rose and peony with soft, vanilla accents of magnolia. It ends on notes of cedar and amber which envelop the fragrance in a veil of softness. - Peony is a delicately-fragranced flower which is frequently used in perfumery. With its fresh, fruity notes, it is in some ways reminiscent of the rose.- Rhubarb is a plant which originates from China or Russia. Rhubarb essence is used in perfumery for its green, fruity, refreshing notes which add both a sharpness and a floral dimension.- Natural amber comes from tree resin. Its sweet, warm scent is said to have soothing properties with complex accords of vanilla, benzoin, labdanum and musk.The classic, elegant box showcases peony, the central note of this fragrance. The peony flower features in the 1902 collection's iconic floral illustration. A composion in colours of varying intensity adds luminosity and freshness to the design.

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