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You or Someone Like You Eau de Parfum

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Welcoming, Cool, & Crisp

Origin: France
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Scent: Grass, Mint, Rose
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Welcoming, Cool, & Crisp

Los Angeles. In this, the city of fallen angels, fantasy rules. In On the Road, Jack Kerouac wrote, ?LA is the loneliest and most brutal of American cities.? It's the city described by Woody Allen's character in Annie Hall as the city where ?the only cultural advantage is being able to make a right turn on a red light.?But they come, the dreamers, for the sunshine and the possibilities, to this land of opportunity, where hope springs eternal. Whatever they're searching for ? happiness, love, money, fame ? the temptations lure them deeper and deeper into this concrete paradise.Does Los Angeles have a scent? It's impossible to say. But Chandler Burr knows Los Angeles. And Chandler Burr knows perfume. So we decided to collaborate on a fragrance that an LA woman might wear. And we gave it the name of Chandler's novel, set in Los Angeles.And you dreamers, with your dreams ? you might flourish, you might wither, but you don't give up. You keep coming, or you think about coming, and sometimes you stay. Because someday, someone just might be looking for you, pointing at you, wanting you. Or someone like you.You or Someone Like You is a welcoming fragrance: neither off-putting nor strange. It is a contemporary creation built around timeless materials.It embodies the woman of LA ? cool and crisp; very exposed to Hollywood's silver screen dreams yet untouched by its materialistic machinery. She finds comfort in literature, and the garden of her home, which is nestled in the hills overlooking downtown LA. The scent represents her only in the way all such choices represent us. It can be concrete, like a beautiful green rose. Yet it can be abstract, like an Erik Satie composition, for it is a puzzle so mysterious that it is difficult to unravel.The perfume invigorates the senses with its fresh, inviting appeal. You feel good wearing it.

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