Silica + Biotin Gel (200 ml)

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For Strong Skin + Nails

Origin: Germany
Free Of:

Gluten, lactose

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For Strong Skin + Nails

Silicic acid contains the vital trace element silicon (Si). In the body, silicon (Si) is the “building material” of the connective tissue, which is key to the health of the entire body. Silicic acid also strengthens the connective tissue with its exceptional water bonding capacity. Healthy, strong connective tissue is the prerequisite for smooth skin and strong hair and fingernails.

Also treats minor wounds, cracked skin, bedsores, acne, minor burns, and sunburns.


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Apply onto the affected areas of skin, or apply diluted with water 1:4 and cover with a moistened piece of gauze where required. Repeat several times when the gauze dries out.

For internal use:

Take 1 measuring spoon (15 ml), diluted with water, once a day between meals.

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