Beard Brush - BRD2

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The World's Finest Beard Brush

Origin: England
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The World's Finest Beard Brush

Sorry for the delay, but Kent wanted things to be just right.So, after nearly a 100-year hiatus the company has re-introduced its Beard Brush. Although this beauty is a bit different from the 1900's version.Starting with the handle; Kent wanted a brush that placed the fisted hand away from the face so the brush head had an uninterrupted canvas for grooming and styling, in addition, you can see exactly where to concentrate your efforts.The bristle has been cut and shaped to improve the brush's performance. Filled with a specially selected cut of natural boar bristle, the business end of the brush is tough enough to handle the coarsest of facial foliage, yet soft enough not to tear the skin off your face.Each brush comes with a beautiful hand-stitched cotton bag printed on both sides. One side features Kent's company logo from the 1700's while the reverse side is emblazoned with the exquisite beard logo designed by artist Andre Visage. Not only a handy bag to store your brush in, but for those who use beard oil, it will protect your clothes from any excess oil held in the brush head from leaching into unwanted places, e.g your suit pocket or the lining of your favorite man bag.If you are looking for the world's finest beard brush, congratulations, your quest is now complete? you (or he) will love this very special little brush.Some men build a legacy. Real men grow one.

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