Wooden Pneumatic Oval Hairbrush

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Helps Reduce Static

Origin: Italy
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Helps Reduce Static

This handsome wooden brush is part of Koh-I-Noor's Legno collection. Made with red alder wood, which is strong and lightweight. The cylindrical pins are made with hornbeam wood. Handmade in Italy with extraordinary attention to detail. Wood naturally collects a very small amount of negative charge, but is for the most part neutral. For this reason, you create less static when you brush with a wooden brush or comb. - Pneumatic wooden pin brushes are recommended for all hair types - The widely spaced pins work particularly well for curly hair - Well suited for dry, brittle hair - Ideal for detangling wet hair without causing damage - Handmade and carefully inspected in Italy - Anti-static - 21.3 x 6 cm.

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