Rex Supply Co.

Ambassador Safety Razor

Item #10082580

Double Edge Safety Razor with adjustable blade gap

Origin: USA
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Double Edge Safety Razor with adjustable blade gap

Rex Supply Co. was established in 2016 to revive the art of the traditional shave. Focusing on the finest raw materials and old-world craftsmanship, they are creating tools that last a lifetime.

Best adjustable razor on the market? It just might be. This Ambassador DE safety razor from Rex Supply Co. is turning heads with its design and exceptional shave. Made of the highest-marine grade stainless steel, it is corrosion resistant and machined with specialized equipment. After years of designing and testing, you are getting the fruit of their labor. Each razor is individually serial numbered and they continue to the Gillette date code system (2017 = M)

This razor offers a smooth and efficient shave. It is infinitely adjustable with the dial located just below the head. Dial up for a closer shave, turn dial down for a more mild experience. It is hefty and well-balanced so the razor can do the work. The knurled handle provides just the right amount of grip.

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