Special Owners Club Cherry Wood Shave Brush - Boar Bristle

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Quality Brushes Since 1955

Origin: Portugal
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Quality Brushes Since 1955

Semogue has been handcrafting high-quality shave brushes since the 1950s.In 2009, Semogue created a special edition shave brush (only 100 total!) featuring the finest boar bristles available, densely packed into an elegant wooden handle. These brushes flew off the shelves, creating a large demand for a re-edition. Due to the huge amount of people asking for the brush, Semogue responded with this new special Owners Club brush, a fine lathering tool with a luxurious cherry wood handle and the best boar bristles around.

  • Engraved Cherry Wood handle
  • Special Grade Boar Bristle
  • Knot: 24 mm, Loft: 57 mm
  • Handle height: 57 mm; Base: 37mm

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