Shavebowl Traveler

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Origin: USA
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ShaveBowl Traveler is the bottom half of the full ShaveBowl product. ShaveBowl Traveler is a modern version of the classic shaving mug. Great for building lather or storing your shave soap. Its durability makes it the perfect travel companion for the shaving enthusiast.ShaveBowl Traveler is manufactured with a polymer containing 40% natural clay minerals with a micro-texture applied to all surfaces of both bowls to aid in lathering.With its high natural mineral content, ShaveBowl Traveler feels like soap stone and has an heirloom quality durability that will last a lifetime. It's a durable, lightweight alternative to traditional porcelain shaving bowls, yet it's heavier than you would expect.Approximate Dimensions:Height - 2 1/16 inchesWidth at Opening - 4 3/16 inchesTotal Weight Without Soap ~140 gramsMade in USA

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