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MediHerb Adrenal Complex

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Soothes Mild Inflammation

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Soothes Mild Inflammation

Adrenal Complex contains Licorice and Rehmannia, a combination that contains many compounds including triterpenoid saponins (especially glycyrrhizin), other saponins, iridoid glycosides, and many flavonoids. The Licorice component of this tablet is standardized to contain 25 mg of glycyrrhizin per tablet to ensure optimal strength and quality. Together these herbs and the substances within them combine to: - restore adrenal function- support adrenal gland health- help the body adapt to the challenges of everyday life- soothe temporary mild exercise-related inflammation



Contraindicated in high blood pressure, edema (water retention), congestive heart failure, low blood potassium, pregnancy and lactation.


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1 tablet 2 - 3 times daily, or as directed.

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