Sweet Comb Chicago

Pure Natural Honey - Fall

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With Delicate Notes Of Mint & Lemon

Origin: USA
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With Delicate Notes Of Mint & Lemon

Sweet Comb Chicago's raw, unpasteurized honey has a rich and complex flavor due to the wide range of nectars available in the Chicago area. Everything from common Midwest prairie flowers to imported exotic flowers planted by city gardeners. The color of honey can vary widely ? from clear to amber to molasses-colored ? depending on the time of year it is harvested. This late Summer/early Fall harvest variety has a more robust flavor as the bees collected pollen from golden rod and darker nectars. It tends to be a darker golden color and contain more antioxidants, making it a good option if you take honey specifically for health reasons. Use Pure Natural Honey to naturally sweeten food and beverages, or as a substitute for sugar when baking.

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