Copala Eau de Parfum

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Mystic & Intriguing

Origin: Mexico
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Mystic & Intriguing

Mystic | Intriguing | Woody | EndlessCopala is based on copal resin, used as incense by the indigenous peoples of Mexico and Central America since the time of the Mayan civilization. The sweetness of Mexican golden copal gives Copala a dry, incensey vanilla edge. The faintly cinnamon-and-bay-leaf spiciness inherent in the resin is firmly underlined by a piquant pink pepper note. Smoky mesquite woods keep the sultry Mexican vanilla powdery and elegant, giving the woody vanilla a dustiness reminiscent of the white ash left after the copal burns clean away.

Notes: Pink Pepper, Copal Resin, Mesquite Wood, Mexican Vanilla Beans



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