11 One-Of-A-Kind Gift Ideas For The Person Who Has Everything

11 One-Of-A-Kind Gift Ideas For The Person Who Has Everything

The holiday season is fast approaching and that means it’s time to start thinking about what to give to the ones you love. While even the most traditional presents are always appreciated, this year, consider a more unique alternative to your usual chocolates, socks, or fruitcake. Smallflower is a prime destination for the most unique gifts you’ll find all holiday season. We import our one-of-a-kind holiday finds from around the world to bring you the best the season has to offer. Explore this festive assortment of unique holiday gifts in our expertly curated guide.

For The Person Who Needs A Spa Night

Amarelli x Lamande Collection

Shop Now: L'amande Liquorice and Bergamot of Calabria (Amarelli) Soap$8.95L'amande Liquorice and Bergamot of Calabria (Amarelli) Bath Foam,$23.95, L'amande Liquorice and Bergamot of Calabria (Amarelli) Scented Water, $23.50

This delicate soap is enriched with soothing organic bergamot and licorice essential oils. Hailing from Calabria, L’Amande and the Amarelli Company, who specialize in licorice have joined forces to craft a soap that features calming and soothing properties. The intense bergamot scent is harmoniously blended with the licorice fragrances to create a wonderfully unique scent combination. Complete the collection with the bath foam and scented water.

Skin Gym Reusable Face Mask

Shop Now: Skin Gym Reusable Face Mask, $20

Skin Gym is known for creating beauty tools that enhance the skin’s natural radiance by contouring the skin, and emulating a fast and temporary lifted look. This eco-conscious product helps skincare to penetrate the skin deeply. This is the perfect gift for a skincare-loving friend who wants to get the most out of their serums and creams. The eye and forehead patches from Skin Gym are travel-friendly in nature and are perfect for on-the-go relaxation.

Olverum Bath Oil

Shop Now: Olverum Bath Oil$110

Olverum has been creating rejuvenating and luxurious oils since 1931. This beautifully scented and luxuriously aromatic bath oil will wonderfully moisturize your skin while enjoying a relaxing bath. The Olverum Bath Oil eases tension and leaves you with glowing supple skin. The scent and lush formula create a wonderful bathing experience. 

Glass House Scent Scene

Shop Now: Glass House Scent Scene, $45

This unique home fragrance solution is a new arrival from Australian brand Glasshouse. It combines a chic gold metal vessel and 5 Scent Stems, liquid-free diffuser sticks that effortlessly scent your home. This gift is ideal for those who love home fragrance, but want something more low maintenance and less obvious than your traditional liquid diffuser or candle. The person on your list with an eye for design will love this gift. 

For The Person Who Is Hard To Impress

SMN Melograno Wax Tablets

Shop Now: Santa Maria Novella Wax Tablets, $38

Open a drawer and enter a whole new world: the Tabacco Toscano wax tablets contain hibiscus petals and myrtle leaves and one of Santa Maria Novella's most iconic fragrances. The wax tablets are cast and finished entirely by hand. This old-world-inspired gift is ideal for the person with a covetable closet or wardrobe. With the elegant ribbon attached, your recipient can hang these wax tablets in a closet or place them in a drawer to encapsulate their linens with the beautiful scent. 

SMN Pomegranate in Terracotta

Shop Now: Santa Maria Novella Pomegranate in Terracotta$75

This terracotta reproduction of a pomegranate fruit is handcrafted and soaked in Santa Maria Novella's iconic Melograno fragrance. The calming and lovely scent is released slowly into the air and will last years.  This is a low-maintenance yet luxurious gift, perfect for the person with kids or pets, who wants to scent their home in style.  

SMN Armenia Papers

Shop Now: Santa Maria Novella Armenia Papers ,$28

Santa Maria Novella’s Carta d’Armenia is paper soaked in a mixture of resins and oriental spices. This unique home fragrance solution is an easy and effective way to make the home smell unique. Gift this simple package as a luxury stocking stuffer to the person in your life who has everything. To use the papers, your recipient simply needs to accordion fold the paper, place it on a dish, and light both ends of the paper. It will slowly burn and purify the air in any small space. They can also be used to flamelessly scent drawers or closets.

For The Person Who Needs Elevated Essentials


M&G Detox Mask

Shop Now: Malin & Goetz Detox Face Mask, $50

Give the gift of clean skin! This deep yet gentle cleansing and purifying face mask bubbles and foams when it makes contact with the skin, adding a layer of fun to your recipient's daily routine.  The vitamin-rich formula draws out impurities and is great for all skin types.

JHAG Not A Detergent

Shop Now: Juliette Has A Gun Not A Detergent, $32

A great gift for the luxury lover, this laundry detergent softens fabrics and will subtly infuse linens, bedding, and clothes with the cult favorite fragrance - Juliette Has A Gun Not A Perfume. The fragrance features ambroxan with notes of velvet, wood, and amber to make an intoxicating scent you can get enough of. This is the perfect way to enjoy an everyday luxury. 

Marvis Whitening Mint Toothpaste

Shop Now: Marvis Toothpaste$13.50, Botot Eau De Bouche Mouthwash, $39.95, Bass Silver Toothbrush, $11.95

Gifting oral care products may seem strange, but the person on your list who makes every routine into a ritual will love this suite of elegant items. Marvis Toothpastes are famous for their sharp taste of cool mint that leads to a pleasant and lasting freshness.  The Whitening Mint variety is no different,  but there are a variety of unique flavors available like jasmine mint, aquatic mint, and ginger mint. This holiday season, give the gift of a beautiful and splendid smile. 

Pair the toothpaste with Botot Eau de Bouche, a French elixir so popular in the 19th century, that it became synonymous with 'mouthwash.' It is formulated with rich, natural astringent extracts and the antibacterial, warming essences of Cinnamon, Gilliflower, and Ginger. Plus, the elegant glass bottle will look fabulous in any bathroom. 

Finish out the trio with a fabulous silver chrome toothbrush from Bass in Italy. The person in your life who loves design and aesthetics will appreciate this special gift. The nylon bristles are made with the finest grade and add the perfect finishing touch to the only toothbrush that brings a bit of sparkle to your day!

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