23 Gifts For The Adventure-Loving Sagittarius

23 Gifts For The Adventure-Loving Sagittarius

December 04, 2019

The final fire sign of the year is definitely the one with the most stamps in their passport. Sagittarius, born between November 22 and December 21, is known for being a natural born jet setter and lover of new experiences. Never one to settle in one place for very long, this sign can get bored easily, which means any gifts you buy them should be as exciting as the next itinerary their planning. Simplify gifting with this easy guide that will impress even the most cultured go-getters in your life. 

Sagittarians are wildly independent nonconformists. This shows up in their personal style and passions. This sign is always working on a new personal project, finding a way to hone their skills or dive deeper into something that piques their curiosity. This free-spirited nature can mean that they sometimes forget to take care of themselves. This sign is ruled by the liver, thighs, and legs so a natural extract that supports liver function or massage oils will make great gifts for the ambitious Sagittarius that’s hard to nail down. Travel-ready essentials, like toothpaste or hand cream, make great gifts for this sign. You never know if they’re out exploring their hometown's underground art scene or taking a spontaneous trip abroad. Pay tribute to their fire sign energy and love of nature with a set of woodsy votive candles that will add warmth and comfort to their space. 

Shop Free-Spirited Favorites

From Left: L’Air Du Desert Marocain Eau De Toilette by Tauer Perfumes, $130; Comfort Relieving Balm Roll-On by Spa Ceylon, $10; Votive Set by Boy Smells, $48; Ginger Mint Travel Toothpaste by Marvis, $6; Travel Size Sea Salt Hand Creme by Kala, $4.50; Oxblood Horween Leather Dopp Kit Bag by Defy Bags, $161; Andrographis Extract by Herb Pharm, $14; Lavender Hop Roll-On Massage Oil by Dresdner Essenz, $10.95

Sensory experiences are of the utmost importance to a Sagittarius. Whether you’re exploring fragrance, body care, or home scents for them you should know that they’re interested in more than just nostalgic and comforting classics. This sign isn’t afraid to explore unusual options. A powerful perfume extract that blends almond, violet, jasmine, musk, sandalwood will make a great gift. If you want to go the nostalgic route, consider a home scent that reminds them of their last island vacation or a fragrance with notes that mimic their experience at a meditation retreat in India. Revitalizing foot bath crystals will help them wind down and soothe tired feet after they’ve spent hours exploring their latest travel destination. A German-made shampoo bar with natural botanical extracts and soothing aloe is a travel-friendly staple that will comfort this sign no matter where they may be in the world. 

Shop Adventurous Finds

From Left: Boha Extrait De Parfum by Jeroboam, $120; Beloved Lip Tint by Kjaer Weis, $49; Fiji Tin Candle by Archipelago Botanicals, $13; Grand Cru Assam of India Eau De Cologne by Berdoues, $88; Calendula Foot Bath Crystals by Kniepp, $22; Lignum Vitae Eau De Parfum by BeauFort London, $150; Cypres Candle by Diptyque, $65; Lavender Aloe Shampoo Bar Soap by 1000+1 Seife, $7.50; Amsterdam Eau De Parfum by Gallivant, $95

The ninth sign of the zodiac has refined taste and a love for luxury. This is the person you turn to before deciding to make a drastic hair or style change. They aren’t afraid to express themselves with bold fashion statements. A soft, pliable mustache wax will allow facial hair enthusiasts to create a shape that suits their ever-changing look. Bold shades of red lipstick are a must for the beauty-loving Saggitarius. Transportive scents will be treasured by these near-constant wanderers. Pick up an aftershave with notes of Asian Elemi resin and Canang flower oil for a woodsy, peppery, and citrusy vibe. For the most daring among us, an eyeshadow palette in striking shades of blue will be a highly favored gift, especially because topaz and sapphire are the ruling crystals for this sign. A feminine pink lipstick — an ode to the signs ruling flower, the carnation — will go far with the Sagittarius that prefers more subdued shades. 

Shop Trend-Setting Treasures

From Left: Wood & Spice Mustache Wax by Proraso, $12; KW Red Lipstick by Kjaer Weis, $56; Exotic Elemi Aftershave by Meissner Tremonia, $35; Eye Shadow Trio -01 Sapphire by Dr, Hauschka Skincare, $38; Whiskey & Water Luxury Bubble Bath + Shower Gel by Noble Isle, $30; Lipstick - 01 Rosebay by Dr. Hauschka Skincare, $25

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