Discover the Healing Power of Water With These 4 Bath Mixes

Discover the Healing Power of Water With These 4 Bath Mixes

October 16, 2019

The medicinal therapy of a bath has been documented since ancient Greek times. Many civilizations were established near waterways to be close to the vital life source. Cleopatra created mud wraps from the Dead Sea as a method to preserve youth and beauty. Water remains a symbol of purification, rebirth, and divinity, in many religious texts, modern literature and art. 

Water is a powerful healer that can be used as a key component of recovery from illness or pain. When you’re feeling under the weather, have aching muscles after a workout, or feel stressed, find relief with one of these comforting custom bath mixes. 

For Cold + Flu

Chills, congestion, and extreme fatigue are the worst symptoms of having a cold or the flu. Relaxing in a warm bath can help you find some relief. The perfect blend of bath products to combat cold and flu symptoms starts with a Swiss herbal blend from Olbas. The Olbas Herbal Bath has natural decongesting and analgesic properties which can help alleviate chest and sinus congestion. Mix this with EO’s Eucalyptus and Citrus Epsom Salt to soothe sore muscles and body aches. 

Olbas Herbal Bath by Olbas | $16.95 | Shop Now →

Eucalyptus & Citrus Epsom Salt Soak by EO | $12.99 | Shop Now →

For Back Pain 

Back pain can become debilitating quickly, but you can find some comfort day-to-day with this mixture. Kniepp’s Devil’s Claw Bath Oil is made specifically to lessen back pain. A blend of cajeput, devil’s claw, and mint essential oils add a warming and cooling effect to the water. When mixed with the Lavender Smart Soak from Duggan Sisters, this bath becomes even more relaxing. The Smart Soak is made with botanical oils and restorative minerals to create a complete wellness experience. 

Devil’s Claw Bath Oil by Kneipp | $20 | Shop Now →

Lavender Smart Soak by Duggan Sisters | $12 |  Shop Now →

For Stress Relief

A restful night of sleep shouldn’t feel completely out of reach. After a stressful day, take some time for yourself with a relaxing soak. Start with the Stress Relief Herbal Bath from Dresdner Essenz. It’s made with calming west Indian sandalwood and hemp to help relax you after a long day. Patchouli oil relieves tension in the body and mind. Mix this with Kneipp’s Valerian & Hops Sweet Dreams Bath Salts to up the ante. This magnesium, calcium, and zinc-rich bath salt will help to slow you down and the valerian essential oil and hops extract will calm anxious minds. 

Valerian & Hops Sweet Dreams Bath Salts by Kniepp | $20 | Shop Now →

Stress Relief Herbal Bath with Hemp by Dresdner Essenz | $11.95 | Shop Now →

For Sore Muscles Post-Work Out

Soothe sore muscles after a workout or after injury with a classic German foaming bath. Badedas Classic Foam Bath is a best seller because it creates a luxurious experience. It's enriched with natural plant extracts like horse chestnut which improves circulation. Add Weleda’s Arnica Muscle Soak for even more relief and relaxation. This restorative milk has a warming effect which will help to ease tension and fatigue. The rosemary and lavender essential oils give it an uplifting fragrance that will make you feel serene. 

Badedas Classic Foam Bath by Badedas | $12.95 | Shop Now →

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