Immune Boost Your Way Through Cold and Flu Season

Immune Boost Your Way Through Cold and Flu Season

February 26, 2019

Even as the days grow longer and we begin to see the light at the end of winter’s tunnel, we’re still in the thick of cold and flu season. Now is not the time to get sick and fall behind on your #newyearnewme #goals! In order to survive this treacherous time of year, you’ll need to fortify your immune system. Here are some of our favorite natural and homeopathic products that will do just that.

Our Favorite Immune Boosters

Oscillococcinum is without a doubt our go-to homeopathic flu remedy. In order to maximize efficacy, begin use at the very first symptoms of the flu. The jolt to your immune system will give your body the head start that it needs to combat the virus and can seriously lessen the duration and severity of the illness. It’s a great idea to keep Oscillococcinum on hand year-round, but it is a must-have during flu season!

For those who aren’t as familiar or interested in homeopathic remedies, Source Naturals’ Wellness Formula offers a great herbal alternative. This supplement is packed with a powerful combination of herbs, antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals that help boost the immune system. As with Oscillococcinum, the best practice is to begin use at the earliest onset of symptoms to try to stave off the sickness or at the very least lessen the impact.

We are living at the height of elderberry mania, but don’t just write this off as a passing fad! Elderberry has earned every bit of fanfare. Nature’s Way Elderberry Syrup is made from a unique full spectrum black elderberry extract that is naturally richer in flavonoid BioActives. What that means is that 2 teaspoons a day (1 teaspoon for children) is great daily maintenance to boost your natural immunity. Increase to 2 teaspoons four times a day as soon as you feel that tickle in your throat.

Interested in the benefits of elderberry? Here are some other great elderberry options:

Organic Sambucus Zinc Lozenges by NATURE`S WAY

Organic Sambucus Zinc Lozenges | $3.99 | Shop Now
A tasty lozenge with immune benefits
Umcka Elderberry Intensive Cold+Flu Soothing Syrup by NATURE`S WAY

Umcka Elderberry Intensive Cold and Flu Soothing Syrup
$17.09 | Shop Now
Soothing elderberry for a sore throat that helps kick that tough cold!
Whole Elder Berries by SMALLFLOWER
Smallflower Whole Elder Berries | $6.50 | Shop Now
Make your own immune booster! Our loose whole elderberries are great for use in teas, tinctures, syrups, wine, cordials, and more!

Immune Super Hero: Echinacea

If you’re looking for immune support in tincture form, look no further than Herb Pharm’s Super Echinacea! Herb Pharm is the standard when it comes to herbal extracts, and Super Echinacea is produced according to precise Good Manufacturing Practices using four distinct Echinacea purpurea plant parts in order to capture the many immuno-active compounds unique to each part. A few drops in liquid 2-5 times a day will fortify you for the season. And again, you can increase the dosage at the first sign of symptoms to give your body the support it needs to fight back!

Other great echinacea options:

Standardized Echinacea by NATURE`S WAY
Nature's Way Standardized Echinacea | $28.07 | Shop Now
Encapsulated for your convenience!

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