Our Guide to Exploring Niche Fragrance on a Budget

Our Guide to Exploring Niche Fragrance on a Budget

February 20, 2018

Here at Smallflower, we are definitely niche fragrance fanatics! There’s a special kind of satisfaction that comes from creating a well-curated collection of scents. However, we understand that accumulating lots of fragrance can come with a rather hefty price tag. If you love experiencing different scents but you don’t feel like shelling out, good news! There are plenty of ways to enjoy a wide variety of exciting fragrances on a budget. Here we’ve collected some useful tips, as well as some of our favorite budget fragrance brands, and our picks for scents at certain price points.

Tips for Fragrance Hunting on the Cheap

Look For Portable Options

Travel sizes or fragrance samples are a great way to get to know a scent that may otherwise be a little outside your preferred price range. Not only will the cost be lower, but you’ll also be able to take these scents on the go with you to freshen up throughout the day.

Change Up the Format

We tend to think of fragrance as a spritz-based medium, but there are other ways to experience scent. Some cost-effective options are perfume oils and solid perfumes. These tend to contain a much more concentrated formula, so you don’t need as much product to smell great all day long! Plus, they’re usually available in smaller, more budget-friendly quantities.

Try a New Concentration

If you check out our guide to niche fragrance, you’ll learn that there are several different concentrations of fragrance available. At the more powerful end of the spectrum we find the Extrait de Parfum and Eau de Parfum, which tend to run more on the expensive side. A less concentrated formula, like an Eau de Toilette or an Eau de Cologne, doesn’t quite have the same strength and staying power, but it will most likely be a more budget-friendly option.  

The Best Picks for Every Budget

Under $25

  1. Patch NYC Owl Solid Fragrance by Soap + Paper Factory | $18 | Shop Now →
  2. Eau de Cologne Spray by 4711 | $15 | Shop Now →
  3. Rose Attar Perfume Oil by Maroma | $16.50 | Shop Now →
  4. Tobacco Rum Solid Perfume by O'Douds Apothecary | $18 | Shop Now →

Under $50

5. The Inner Wanderlust Trade Routes Fragrance Set by Penhaligon's | $48 | Shop Now → 6. Pivoine & Rhubarbe 1902 Eau de Toilette by Berdoues | $40 | Shop Now → 7. 1899 Eau de Parfum by Histoires de Parfums | $35 | Shop Now → 8. Yesterday Haze Eau de Parfum Travel Spray by Imaginary Authors | $38 | Shop Now


Under $100

9. Cannabis Perfume Oil by Malin + Goetz | $52 | Shop Now → 10. 1805 Eau de Cologne by Truefitt & Hill | $75 | Shop Now → 11. Chypress Eau de Toilette by Floris | $80 | Shop Now → 12. Black Flower Mexican Vanilla Eau de Parfum by Dame Perfumery | $85 | Shop Now →


Our Favorite Affordable Brands

This English fragrance and personal care brand specializes in fine goods with a reasonable price tag.


Spanish Fig & Nutmeg Cologne | $35 | Shop Now → Patchouli Black Pepper Perfume | $42.50 | Shop Now →


Incredibly lifelike and unique scents paired with an affordable cost has won Demeter many lifelong fans.


Paperback Cologne Spray | $20 | Shop Now → Salt Air Cologne Spray | $20 | Shop Now → Cannabis Flower Cologne Spray | $20 | Shop Now → Grass Cologne Spray | $20 | Shop Now →

A Smallflower favorite for their potent formulas, wide range of alluring scents, and sub-$10 prices.


Vanille Perfume Extract | $9.50 | Shop Now → Jasmin Perfume Extract | $9.50 | Shop Now → Patchouli Perfume Extract | $9.50 | Shop Now → Pamplemousse Perfume Extract | $9.50 | Shop Now →


Another widely popular pick for highly concentrated fragrance oils, Nemat offers a range of warm, internationally inspired scents for a bargain.


Amber Fragrance Minaret | $13.99 | Shop Now → White Musk Fragrance Minaret | $13.99 | Shop Now → Nag Champa Fragrance Roll-On | $13.99 | Shop Now → Sandalwood Fragrance Roll-On | $13.99 | Shop Now →


Long one of our best-selling brands, Outremer exudes the glamour and sophistication of their Parisian fragrance house without setting you back more than $25.


Vanille Eau de Toilette | $20 | Shop Now → Oceane Eau de Toilette | $20 | Shop Now → Mure Musc Eau de Toilette | $22 | Shop Now → Orange Santal et Petitgrain Eau de Toilette | $22 | Shop Now →


This indie French perfumery creates unique “soft perfumes” -- creamy solid scents packaged in travel-friendly tubes with stunning designs.


Copacabana Soft Perfume | $24 | Shop Now → Belle Furieuse Soft Perfume | $24 | Shop Now →


Thanks for checking out our budget-friendly fragrance guide! If you’d like to learn more about niche fragrance, we recommend checking out our beginner’s guide here. If you’re looking for some insider tips on getting the most out of your fragrance, check out our chat with Tanja and Sharmane here.
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