The Gender Neutral Guide To Safety Razors

The Gender Neutral Guide to Safety Razors

October 25, 2021

Wet shaving culture is fairly male dominated, but at Smallflower we’ve created a shaving collection for everyone. Regardless of gender, wet shaving is a great cost-effective option for anyone who wants to remove unwanted body or facial hair. Once you get the hang of it, wet shaving is easy, sustainable, affordable and offers a closer, cleaner shave than using cartridge razors.

Choosing A Razor

For beginners, choosing a razor can be an overwhelming experience. There are so many different kinds of safety razors available and when you’re just starting out, it’s hard to know what exactly you’ll need. We’ve simplified your options, so you can choose the best safety razor for you at a great price.

First, you should know that there are two kinds of double edge safety razors, closed comb and open comb razors. Closed comb razors are best suited for beginners, they have less blade exposure, so you’re less likely to cut yourself by accident and are great for people with sensitive skin. Open comb razors have a more aggressive teeth pattern and are best suited for people who don’t shave very often or have thicker hair.

We’ve selected three of our favorite closed comb options to make getting started easy.

Parker 29L Butterfly Open Safety Razor

Parker Razor

You won’t find a razor like this for a better price. This butterfly style tool is a true unisex razor with a longer handle, that makes shaving body hair a lot easier. The grip on the handle is also extremely high quality and will help you feel secure while shaving.

Edwin Jagger Rubber Coated Ebony DE Safety Razor - DE86RC14bl

Edwin Jagger Razor

This Edwin Jagger razor is another great option for beginners. All Edwin Jagger razor heads are the same, so the handle it’s where you’ll see major differences and be able to develop a preference. This once features a rubber coated handle that makes gripping the razor easier.

Muhle R89 Rose Gold DE Safety Razor - Closed Comb

Muhle Rose Gold Razor

This gorgeous rose gold razor was co-developed with the Edwin Jagger option. The design is fairly traditional, yet extremely elegant, so it’ll make a stylish statement in your bathroom. The etched handle will also make holding the razor easy and comfortable.

Choosing Blades

Safety razor blade preferences are a fairly personal choice, but razors are so affordable that experimenting until you find one you like won’t be hard. While using double edge blades might seem intimidating at first, you’ll find that the learning curve is totally worth it, especially when compared to your typical drugstore cartridge razor.

Double Edge razors generally have less issues with clogging and cut hair cleanly, leading to less irritation, razor burn and ingrown hairs. Razor blades are also recyclable unlike cartridge razors. We offer a lot of different blade options at Smallflower from around the world, but these two are our favorites for wet shaving newbies.

Derby Double Edge Razor Blades

Derby DE Blades
Derby blades tend to be sharper on the second shave and are made from high-quality stainless steel with a fusion of chromium-ceramic, tungsten & platinum on the cutting edge for optimum strength, smoothness & safety.

Astra Platinum Double Edge Blades

Astra DE Razor Blade
Astra Blades tend to be sharper than Derby blades and offer a really close shave. They can be reused until they're dull or you can switch them out for a fresh blade every time you shave. This is entirely up to your personal preference. 

Razor & Blade Maintenance

Razor & Blade Maintenance

Since safety razors are a much larger financial investment than what you’ll find at the drugstore, maintaining your razor and blade are key to having a great experience and getting your money’s worth.

Taking care of your razor is fairly simple. You should take it apart and wash it after every use to make sure that you’re shaving with a clean, fresh blade and razor. Allow your razor to air dry and store it on it’s side to avoid corrosion. Every six months or so you should soak it in diluted white vinegar for a deeper clean.

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