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Bio Damascena Nourishing Face Serum

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Improve Overall Skin Health and Glow

Origin: Bulgaria
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Improve Overall Skin Health and Glow

Alteya's USDA NOP Certified Nourishing Face serum, based on Bio Damascena? Skin Reviving complex, repairs and nourishes dry, damaged and/or aging skin by boosting the cell-renewal turnover and providing skin with essential nutrients that instantly improve overall skin health and glow. It protects and rejuvenates the delicate face skin naturally, brightens and improves clarity, and slows down the cell oxidation process. Possess strong aromatherapeutic properties that calm not only the mind but also your skin. By using only the purest, organic and most active ingredients, Bio Damascena? Face Serum helps your skin defeat everyday stress, keeping skin healthy and youthful.Bio Damascena? Skin Reviving complex is a breakthrough in beauty science. It is a combination of organic essential oils and extracts combined with an exquisite quality organic Bulgarian Rose Oil specially steam-distillated process to preserve maximum potency. Bio Damascena? complex improves skins' resistance to environmental factors, slows down the aging process, improves skin clarity, rejuvenates and refines texture.


100% organic and natural, hand-made. Paraben free. Does not contain petroleum derivatives. Does not contain lanolin or artificial colouring agents. GMO free.

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