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Neti Pot Salt

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Origin: India
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Stock up on a Neti Essential!

Perfect for use with any nasal wash system, this Neti Cleansing Salt is made to cleanse and moisturize the nasal pasages. This non-iodized formula contains no additives or anti-caking agents.


Sodium Chloride (USP Grade)


Use only clean , lukewarm water that is distilled , sterile , orpreviously boiled Children using this product should be aided by a responsibleadult Consult your healthcare practitioner prior to nasal cleansing if you:Are currently suffering from any disease or illness Have a chronic illness orhealth condition Have a new or acute ear infection Have had ear surgeryAre unable to blow your nose Stop use and contact your physician if youexperience pressure in your ears during nasal cleansing , or if you experiencefever , headache , nosebleed or any prolonged discomfort after nasal cleansing

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