Facial Scrub

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Great Pre-Shave Exfoliant

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Great Pre-Shave Exfoliant

When you live in a fast paced metropolitan area that is exposed to heat, pollution, dirt and grime, the Facial Scrub is what you need. It not only exfoliates and removes impurities but also works great to lift beard hairs up to 30% before shaving. This helps to avoid ingrown hairs and razor burn.Bora Bora White Sand particles gently exfoliate to remove dead skin cells, dirt, and grime accumulated on the surface of the skin. This formula is free of harsh grit that can irritate skin and cause redness or inflammation. It's truly the best scrub you'll ever you use. Gentle for even the most sensitive skin.Recommended for normal, combination and oily skin.


Bora Bora White Sand ? removes dead skin cells Aloe Vera, Algae and Chamomile ? soothes and refreshes the skin Vitamin C ? provides antioxidant protection.

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