Fir Needle Siberian Essential Oil

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Origin: Australia
Scent: Fir Needle
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Abies siberica is a coniferous evergreen tree growing to about 100 ft in height. It produces needles that are highly aromatic. The shape of needles, versus leaves, are natures survival instinct – the needles allow less water evaporation than a leaf which has more surface area. The Fir Needle Siberian is a hardy tree that is tolerant of limited sunshine, frosts, and snows, surviving temperatures down to −58 F. The Siberian Fir tree can live up to 200 years. The oil is extracted from the needles and small twigs and is then collected, and steam distilled. The oil is colorless to pale yellow. It has a rich, sweet-balsamic, fruity pine scent.

100% Abies siberica (Fir Needle Siberian) essential oil


Store below 30 degrees Celsius. Keep out of reach of children. Not for internal use. Keep away from eyes.

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Dilution in vegetable oil is recommended.

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