Sage Dalmation Essential Oil

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Origin: USA
Scent: Sage
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Salvia officinalis is a small, perennial evergreen with woody stems. It grows up to 2 ½ ft. Sage Dalmatian is a native of the Mediterranean region. It is recognized world-wide as a highly aromatic and mellow sage resulting from its essential oil components. Generally, it is known as Dalmatian sage oil. Sage Dalmatian Essential Oil is steam distilled from the dried leaves of the plant. The color of the oil is pale yellow. It has a fresh, warm, spicy, herb-like, slightly camphoraceous aroma. The oil is collected early in the morning from the leaves of immature plants – prior to flowering – as this is the best time that distillers can extract the most oil.

100% Salvia officinalis (Sage Dalmatian) essential oil

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