Arnicare Arthritis Tablets

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All-Natural Pain Relief

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All-Natural Pain Relief

Boiron Arnicare is the therapy that works naturally to treat bruising, swelling and pain. Many respected physicians routinely recommend Arnicare for use before and after procedures.


Active Ingredient**: Arnica montana 3C HPUS ? Relieves pain from joint inflammation and overexertion Benzoicum acidum 6C HPUS ? Relieves pain in the wrists Bryonia alba 6C ? Relieves joint pain worsened by movement or the slightest touch Chamomilla 12C HPUS ? Relieves sensitivity to pain, tingling and numbing pain Dulcamara 6C HPUS ? Relieves joint pains triggered or worsened by damp weather Kali iodataum 12C HPUS ? Relieves joint and muscle pains worsened at night Pulsatilla 3C HPUS ? Relieves finger joint pain worsened by heat and slow motion Rhododendron chrysanthum 12C HPUS ? Relieves rheumatic pain worsened by dry heat Rhus toxicodendron 6C HPUS ? Relieves joint pains improved by motion and worsened by humidityThe letters HPUS indicate that this ingredient is officially included in the Homeopathic Pharmacop?ia of the United States.Inactive Ingredients: croscarmellose sodium lactose magnesium stearate

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