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Lime Aftershave

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Face Feels Moisturized All Day

Origin: USA
Scent: Lime
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Face Feels Moisturized All Day

Captain's Choice has brought to market a genuine lime aftershave that is in a class unto itself! Now you can look forward to the cheerful aroma of a truly natural lime scent each morning. Unscrew the cap, take a whiff and savor an authentic lime fragrance that will make you grin every time. Customers not only love the lime scent but remark how they like the gentle tingle upon a freshly shaven face. Following the dry down they tell us their face feels moisturized all day. Many remark how the scent lasts for an aftershave, never too strong - just ''there'' for the enjoyment. Finally, a truly superior lime aftershave made with all natural ingredients!


UPC: 798304250589

Alcohol, witch hazel, essential oils and extracts, glycerin.

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