Azuki + Brown Sugar Soap

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Perfect for Travel or Trial!

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Perfect for Travel or Trial!

This mini-size Azuki & Brown Sugar Soap is perfect for travel, or for those who would like to experience the Chidoriya line for the first time.Made with Camellia Oil to soften & moisturize skin, and Azuki Micrograins to help dissolve pore-clogging oil and dulling surface flakes. Azuki Red Bean powder has been used as a face wash in Japan for centuries and is still popular today. Brown Sugar naturally smooths skin to improve its texture.This traditional poured and cured processed soap lasts nearly twice as long as most mass market bars. Mixed in small batches and aged in a special curing room for nearly a month, this special soapmaking process removes excess alkali from the soap, a major irritant to sensitive skin. Hypo Allergenic.


UPC: 822770024143

Vegetable Glycerin Soap Base, Camellia Oil, Organic Brown Sugar, Azuki Red Bean Powder.

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