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During the sake production process, the liquid extracted from the unrefined sake goes on to be used as the well-known alcoholic beverage. The remaining residue becomes the sake-kasu (sake-lees).The nutrients left over from the yeast that remain in the sake-kasu make it an incredible health food as well as a potent natural skin care ingredient. BENEFITS:- Contains kojic acid, a by-product from the sake fermentation. Sake-kasu is rich in kojic acid, vitamin D, vitamin B1 and other nutrients that inhibit the performance of melanin, the main culprit of sun spots, age spots, and freckles- Sake-kasu baths have incredible moisturizing and heat-retention effects- Sake is an excellent skin toner that has been used for centuries in Japan- Drinking sake-kasu as a hot drink may lessen the severity of certain allergic reactions- Contains ferulic acids, a powerful UV light absorber that helps prevent skin aging- Contains dietary fibers that may help strengthen the digestive systemMade in Japan


100% Organic Freeze-Dried Sake Lees (does not contain alcohol)

For a relaxing sake-kasu bath, sprinkle 1-2 sticks of powder(10g in each stick) into a full bathtub. Stir the water thoroughly and enjoy.

To create a calming sake-kasu face mask, take 1 tbsp of sake-kasu powder and place into 2 tbsp of water (creating a 1:2 ratio). Stir the mixture into a paste and gently apply the paste on the face (avoiding the eye area). Leave on for 5-7 minutes and rinse well with lukewarm water.

For a hot, soothing beverage, mix 2 tsp of sake-kasu powder in hot water and add a small slice of ginger and honey or maple syrup to tase. You can also use the sake-kasu in various recipes including dishes like kasujiru (sake-kasu soup), pickles, and desserts.

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