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Debaser Eau de Parfum

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Fretted Fruit

Origin: USA
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Scent: Bergamot
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Fretted Fruit

The wild shrill of Black Francis coming through the radio in the August heat. This fresh, green fruit is a medium bodied scent with intense lasting power and considerable sillage. Bergamot is the initial juicy, verdant thrust in this mix, but it's more or less an invisible effect, a harbinger of the overflowing cornucopia to come. Green leaf appears in sharper focus, a clean cut note that exists to counter burgeoning ripeness. Pear stem is a chewy, fragrant twist of wood, both sweet and tangy. Ripe fig is luscious and soft, yet this fruit has just ripened to perfection, it's sugars still bright and floral on the palate: in other words, this is not a fig that's emitting dark, purplish ooze, but a freshly ripened beauty. Coconut milk is remarkably lightweight, yet it elevates this fig into another, almost saline dimension--something about fig and coconut in tandem recalls the sweet and savory aspects of a beach scent, and we feel warmed by this sunny union. Blond woods add a touch of reserve, their smooth, absorbent limbs rearranging the ribald, high energy notes of this composition. Tonka bean highlights our sense of depth and makes preceding notes sparkle while moss, conversely, powders down the wettest aspects of debaser so that they adapt to and hold, on skin. This is a fig fragrance, like no other: unapologetically strong, piercingly yet supple as suede. Debaser challenges and reshapes our expectations of what a fig can and should smell like. A thrilling shift of perspective. (bergamot, green leaf, pear stem, ripe fig, coconut milk, iris, blond woods, tonka bean, moss)

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