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Jasmin et Cigarette Eau de Parfum

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An Elusive Obsession

Origin: France
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Scent: Jasmine
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An Elusive Obsession

A tribute to the women (think Greta Garbo and Marlene Dietrich) that ruled the silver screen, Jasmin et Cigarette is seductive and elusive, drawn in hazy shades of black and white. This mysterious scent is a winding trail of smoke and jasmine, that beckons yet remains unapproachable. Jasmine is a thick, almost sliceable brown substance, a rare gaseous incarnation of the classic flower that is simultaneously thickly indolic and a sparkling nebula. Tobacco interweaves with this fascinating, indecipherable floral, acidic, grey chains of ash flicked neatly and strategically onto the floor of the space jasmine inhabits. If tobacco emulates a lit, smoking cigarette, the sweet freshness it is also known to impart is supplied by the marriage of apricot and tonka bean. Apricot steeps in fizzy tonka bean, the tangy fruit becoming ripe and supple (yet undeniably drier) in tonka bean's cola spotlight. Curcuma (tumeric) is an unusual, floral-animalic accent that imparts a heatless spice and remarkably solid texture. Cedar reinforces the smoky aspects of tobacco, complicating the vaporous profile of this scent. Amber and musk combine forces to create a delicious, faintly sweet animalism, that is damp, like skin that's only begun to perspire. Jasmin et Cigarette is a dark, enticing scent that's dense and effervescent. This fugitive elixir expresses a quiet, impenetrable glamour, and like the retiring icons who inspired it, this scent is an elusive obsession. (jasmine asbolute, tobacco notes, apricot, tonka beans, curcuma, cedar, amber, musc)

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