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Grounding Green

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Origin: USA
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A garland of green flowers to nurture connection & compassion for Earth's Being

Primary Indications:

- A baseline formula for fuller ecological consciousness; moving from mental concepts or political programs to a deeper reality felt in the body and soul

- To increase 'green healing forces' when working with the earth- such as gardening and landscaping, or healing with natural substances

- Foundational remedy for children or animals who have not experienced bonding with Nature as an integral part of their developmental process due to excessive urbanization and technological influences

- To facilitate deeper bonding between animal and caretaker; ability to perceive and respect all animals as part of the living being of the earth

- When feelings of discouragement, despair, or apathy threaten one's positive outlook and active commitment to work for the healing and transformation of the Earth

- To increase attunement when encountering or exploring any part


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Green Rein Orchid, Green Bells of Ireland, Lady's Mantle, Green Rose, Green Cross Gentian and Green Nicotiana

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