FZOTIC by Bruno Fazzolari


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Radiant Roses

Origin: USA
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Radiant Roses

This scent is a unique take on beloved rose fragrances. The zdravetz herb is a tiny plant in the geranium family that grows high in the mountains of Bulgaria. Zdravetz literally translates to “health,” and this herb has many traditional medicinal and symbolic uses. The essential oil is rare and the supply is unpredictable, so it is not often used in mainstream perfumes. It’s very tenacious with a uniquely herbal and woody-rose notes. Leather, woods, and a big dose of vanilla were added to create an optimistic, resilient, diffusive scent.

NOTES: zesty grapefruit and bergamot, velvet galbanum, spicy Bulgarian rose oil, passion fruit, cedar, leather, vanilla, zdravetz.

OCCASIONS: Stylish nights out; lively dialogues; strength and style; optimism.

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