DF 8 Toothbrush

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Innovative Dental Design from Japan

Origin: Japan
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Innovative Dental Design from Japan

Hamico toothbrushes boast a unique combination of two different types of bristles. One is long, super-skinny, and pointed at the tip. The other is shorter, with a rounded tip. This results in a brush that simultaneously cleans the crevices between teeth while also effectively cleaning the surface of each tooth.Each individual bristle is twisted, creating an irregular surface. This approach allows the bristles to clean and massage the sensitive parts of your gum and teeth. The head of the brush (where the bristles attach) is thin and compact, so the brush can reach deeper and move more freely for more effective cleaning.Hamico recruited a select group of graphic artists from New York to create unique, colorful patterns for everyone to enjoy on a daily basis. The work of these gifted artists is printed inside the handle using an advanced process invented in Japan which prevents the design from wearing away with use.

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